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3002OT: My two websites... and voting!!!

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  • James' Angel
    Jun 10 10:50 PM

      Sorry for the mass mailing but I just updated both my
      sites, some more majorly (is that a word!?) than other
      sections, but I updated!!


      I have a growing collection of stories I've written..
      please go check it out and let me know what you think
      in the guestbook! I also take requests for story
      banners! You can check that out on my site here too!


      I have a TON of guys in the "female distractions"
      page... (aka HOT guys!) If there's someone you think I
      should put in here, lemme know in the guestbook!! =)
      I also added two new polls in that section as well, so
      check it out and vote in the already existing ones
      too! HELP YOUR FAVOURITE WIN!!!! =)

      Thanks!! that's all! =)


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