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30Hey there!

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  • J Frederick
    Jul 21, 2000

      I just joined the list, and thought I would take a moment to
      say "hi".

      Having only ever watched some of the X-men cartoons several years ago
      I thought I wanted to see the movie, but never thought I would get
      hooked! I now consider myself an official X-men fan! But, there is
      so much more to say and I don't want to wait 'til they make another
      movie! So I am now desperatly seeking fic!

      I've tried my hand at writing before, but it was too hard to stick
      to, and after over a year, my 2 stories remain unfinished. I really
      admire those who can write, and particularly those who are willing to
      share their work.

      I've been sifting through the existing posts, and am truely amazed at
      the quality of work I am seeing here. I'm *so* glad I joined the list.

      Hope to read from everyone a lot, and can't wait to watch the list


      p.s. I tend to be a "lurker" if that word is permitted here. So, this
      will probably be one of the very few times I bother you. :-)