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2729Fic: Keeping Promises [S/J, Cast]

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  • aidao_domos@yahoo.com
    May 5, 2001
      Keeping Promises

      Summary: Based on Scott's line "If anything happens to you.. I'll
      protect them"
      Disclaimer: Blah blah blah, you know the drill.
      Feedback: Review this mofo!
      Spoilers: The movie... rock on!!
      Author's Note: This is my first X-Men fic. Constructive criticism,
      STORY!! (not to mention *SEX DRUGS N' ROCK N' ROLLLLL!*) This is the
      product of a mind that just watched X-Men and has been itching to
      right a fan fic for a while. I'm running on fumes also... but for
      some reason my body tells me to stay up and write at freakin' 12:12
      in the morning. Damn creative inspiration.
      Rated: R for naughty language and general situation both good (S/J,
      but nothing that bad) and bad (S getting the tar beaten out of him)
      Author's Note: Logan isn't back in the beginning of the story.

      ~*~X Chapter 1 X~*~

      Scott Summers felt a breath on his face. A light tingling sensation
      almost as faint as the glow of the energy in his eyes. Dismissing it,
      his mind settled back into the tendrils of sleep... But the breath
      soon became a feeling of gentle kisses on his cheek bone.
      Jean smiled as his visor slowly lit up with red. "Hi." she stated.
      "Hello," he answered back, the traces of a smile turning up his
      mouth, "Something you wanted?"
      "You." she smiled as she kissed him and wrapped herself around him,
      entwining his long limbs in hers, "Good morning."
      "This is a nice way to wake up every morning." he buried himself in
      the red tuffs of hair in his face.
      "Too bad it's Monday." her voice dropped glumly, "I could think of
      better ways to spend the morning."
      Scott smiled and started to kiss her neck, "So.." kiss "..could.."
      kiss "..I..". She laughed and pulled him over to cover herself with
      him. There's nothing like a human Scott-blanket in the morning, she
      thought to herself. "I love you." she hummed as he worked his way up
      her neck.
      "Love... you too." he caught his breath slightly before going back to
      her smooth neck, "You know... I don't have classes for an hour."
      "Are you sure you won't be late?"
      "So I'll be late." he grinned into her shoulder. He was amazed at how
      much she changed him in just the few months they'd lived together. He
      went from sleeping rigid to spooning around her warm body in no time
      and being annoyingly punctual to a few minutes late from partaking in
      morning festivities.
      Life was great.


      "Sir?" A man servant asked timidly, a hint of fear in the man's voice.
      "Yes?" the shadow said coldly.
      "We have the... information... you wanted." he said as he cautiously
      approached the tall figure and handed him an envelope.
      "Very well. You're dismissed." he said absentmindedly as he tore into
      the paper. Ever since he'd first gotten word of Magneto's
      imprisonment, he'd found a guard or two that could use some extra
      cash working as corespondents. It hadn't been easy, but with some
      effort that he didn't mind, he managed to scrounge up a few in the
      high isolation plastic prison.
      Ever since he first got a message to Magneto, he had been planning.
      He knew that it was impossible to get Magneto out of the jailhouse,
      but they soon came to an agreement. Magneto didn't really care
      whether it was him or some other fiend that exacted revenge on Xavier
      as long as he was able to prove himself right... Some day someone
      would come to his precious school, and now, the time was winding
      closely to the day.
      Everett Windstrom stood tall by the high glass windows overlooking
      the ocean. He mentally went over plans to make sure that nothing was
      to go wrong. They were to go to Xavier's School and get a single
      mutant at a time... starting with Xavier's most cherished student.
      The one who had fought and injured Magneto. The one the Professor had
      adopted as his son when no others would love him.
      Scott Summers.

      Xavier sat in his wheelchair in his study, silently going over the
      days plans of training exercises and Physics classes. He found it
      amazing how quickly one day could slip from his grasp with such
      speed. Hearing the door open, he maneuvered the chair to see who was
      addressing him.
      He noticed, however, that he was being addressed by the barrel of a
      gun. Freezing, he looked at the owner, and instantly recognized
      him. "Everett... it's been a long time." he said without a hint of
      "Yes. It has, Xavier." Windstrom smiled a small amount, "I believe
      it's been 6 years since you last tried to kill me."
      "I would have never tried if you wouldn't have wondered off the path
      so much with Magneto." Xavier crossed his hands in his lap. "Is there
      something you wish to discuss?"
      "No... not really. Magneto just wanted me to pay you a little visit,
      oh... and I hope you don't mind if we borrow an X-Man or two." his
      mouth turned into one of the most horrible smiles Xavier had ever
      seen, "But we can't have you running around getting into trouble, now
      can we?"
      Everett quickly cocked the gun and shot. Xavier was surprised when
      not a bullet but a tranquilizer flew at him, hitting him square into
      the chest. Chuckling for a few seconds, Everett turned on his heel
      and made his way out as the Professor started to slump into his


      Scott jogged down the hallway, silently cursing himself for getting
      pulled into making love to Jean in the morning... not that he
      regretted it that much. Walking into his murmuring classroom, he
      greeted his class with a smile. The students looked around and
      wondered why he was so damn happy this hour of the morning, but said
      hello back.
      The morning went by quickly in the mansions garage, as the students
      listened to Scott happily talk on about engines and fuel valves.
      Rogue sat in the back, wondering what ever made her take mechanics in
      the first place. She didn't really have the urge to know that much
      about fixing a motorcycle. I guess I just thought Logan would be
      proud if I did, she reminded herself. Glancing up, she noticed that
      Scott had frozen in mid sentence.
      Scott felt a sudden tingling sensation in the back of his mind. A
      faint voice strained out, Get the students to their rooms... hurry...
      and the familiar voice was gone. Scott tried to yell to Xavier in his
      mind, telling him to answer him. When he got no answer but the
      ringing of silence he turned back to his class. "Students, I want you
      to get to your rooms as fast as you inhumanly can and lock the doors.
      The students immediately jumped out of their desks, having witnessed
      the few times the Mr. Summers ever yelled. Scurrying through the
      halls, they found that many of the other classes had gotten out as
      Scott ran through the hallways, finally finding Storm with a group of
      students, trying to tell the younger kids that it was an emergency.
      Jogging up to her, he asked if she got Xavier's message too.
      "Yes, I did. What do you think is wrong?" she asked. Her question was
      answered as there was a faint grumble of engines coming at the
      school. They both ran outside, seeing humvees pull up, men bailing
      off the sides. The two X-Men glanced at each other before turning and
      retreating quickly back into the seemingly deserted house.
      "Scott, go check to see if everyone's in their rooms and get your
      visor, I'll try to delay them." she said as her eyes began to glow.
      Scott ran towards the direction of his room, hoping to find Jean.
      Bursting in, he found it need and empty. He inwardly sighed but ran
      to the dresser to grab his battle visor. Mentally yelling out to
      Jean, he got no answer. Figuring that she was too far away and
      couldn't hear him since her mental capability wasn't as strong as
      Adjusting his visor on his head, he scanned the hallways near him and
      went down to the students section of the mansion. Finding it
      thankfully empty, he steered himself towards the noises that were
      coming from downstairs. It seemed that Storm was having trouble
      keeping the soldiers at bay.
      Getting to a window, he shot through it and hit a few people before
      he was met with a volley of bullets heading towards him. Running from
      the window, he ran towards the front door where Storm was trying to
      hold her own.
      Running down the staircase, he encountered Jean standing at the
      bottom of the stairs, her eyes wide with terror. He instantly froze
      on the fourth step, cautiously approaching the landing. "Jean?" he
      said softly, "What is it?"
      Run, Scott! Run! His link with her screamed at him. Before he had
      time to learn more, a man that would haunt his memories later on
      stepped out of the shadows.
      "Yes, Scott. Run, but I must warn you: if you feel the overwhelming
      urge, you'll be sacrificing a few lives." he put his hand up and two
      men dragged Storm into the room, two guns pointed straight at her
      "What do you want?" he said evenly, still locking eyes with Jean's.
      "You, you foolish boy." he said coldly. Scott remembered when that
      line meant something all together different and flinched. Everett's
      apparent ability was the same as Jean's, though stronger, as he
      noticed his line of thoughts. "You know, Scott... it's only a matter
      of time before she leaves you too, you know." He knew he hit a cord
      with him as his nose flared slightly.
      "No, she won't." his voice betrayed him slightly through the small
      "Everyone else has, haven't they? Your mother, father, any other
      relative you've ever known. You'll be alone again no matter what."
      Everett snickered as he could feel Scott's anger growing deep as he
      flung horrible memories in his face, "And yet... you're still ready
      to die for all of them."
      "Because I know she won't leave me, you son of a bitch." Scott spat,
      his hand still on his visor.
      "Believe what you wish." he dragged Scott forward with a motion of
      his hand. "I'm going to make you a deal. You come with us and we'll
      leave rather quietly."
      "And go where, exactly?"
      "If you come, you'll find out." He could see the younger man's brain
      turning the information over in his head. His hand drifted down from
      his visor slowly but surely. Windstrom grinned widely. "Thank you."
      "Let's go, then." He said coldly and two more men came to his sides
      with guns, latching on to his arms. Everett started walking towards
      the front door and murmured, "Kill the girl."
      Like a flash Scott was struggling against the two goonies, thrashing
      as best he could and yelling, "You son of a bitch! Let them go, you
      bastard!" Ripping his arms away, he shot one of the men, but was
      suddenly surrounded by Windstrom's soldiers. He noticed that no guns
      had yet gone off at either Storm or Jean.
      "Ah, young man. Still willing to die for them, are you?" Everett took
      out a gun, "I was hoping this would be a last resort." He pulled the
      Scott was suddenly aware of his chest bursting with flames of searing
      pain. He slumped against the soldiers, still trying to fight against
      them, though he found that he was quickly becoming numb. Jean
      screamed at him, pleading with him not to die. Don't worry, Love.
      I'll ... be back... I promise. I... love... you...His mind's whisper
      faded off as he sunk down to the ground.
      Windstrom turned back to the two remaining X-Men, "You just keep
      hoping he'll be back, Ms. Grey. Good bye for now." With a fling of
      his arm, he sent Storm and Jean lashing against a wall so fiercely he
      knocked them both unconscious.

      The only thing that Scott was aware of was the amazing pressure in
      his eyes that was steadily building. He hadn't opened his eyes since
      he was unconscious at the mansion, and his powers weren't happy about
      it. He squirmed as much as he could chained and strapped tightly down
      to the hard table. The duct tape over his eyes was becoming more
      uncomfortable by the second.
      "You know... we would take that awful tape off... if we knew you
      wouldn't try to kill everyone around you again." a voice in the
      darkness spoke.
      "Why shouldn't I try?" his voice was grainy from being parched since
      he was brought here. He had no way of knowing it, but he had been
      there about a week. The only thing that he had to mark his days was
      Everett coming into his room to pollute his mind with horrible images
      and the guards coming and going to make more blooming bruises on his
      "I suppose you're right." Everett spoke, "But I think it's better for
      you to stay in the dark. Makes it harder for you to know where the
      next..." he paused to smash a fist down on the barely healing gunshot
      wound as Scott sucked in breathe and refused to scream, "...attack is
      coming from."
      Everett went behind the X-Man's shuddering body and slowly put his
      hands by his temple's. "Now, young boy. Who shall you see today?"


      In a darkened room, there sat Jean. There was no way of knowing it
      because of the darkness, but she wore one of Scott's shirts over her
      own and she was curled up clutching his glasses. Silently, tears slid
      by unheaded by their maker.
      The door slowly opened with a creak, and Logan poked his upper body
      through slowly. "Jean?" he asked timidly, approaching the bed where
      she was curled up in the center, "Jean?"
      "Hi, Logan. I see you've... found your way back." she sniffed.
      "Yeah.. it, uh, got pretty lonely on the road. An' since this is the
      only place I thought to come.. here I am, I guess." he looked down,
      unable to look at her, "The Professor, uh.. told me.. about Scott.
      I'm sorry."
      "You don't have to say that." came a muffled reply as she still
      stared forward at the window, "I know you didn't exactly like each
      "Actually... I didn't exactly dislike him either. Just someone to rip
      on, I guess." he faded off into silence. He slowly approached the bed
      more, "Are you okay?"
      "I can still feel him, you know." the reply startled him. Did she
      lose it? he thought. "No, I'm not nuts yet. I have a link with him,
      Logan. One of those telepathic powers. I can still feel it sometimes.
      All I feel is his pain when I can feel it, though, other times he's
      unconscious. I almost wish that I never started it... but then... I
      wouldn't have any connection to him at all."
      Logan didn't know what to say. What could you say to an explanation
      like that? The almost widow is telling you that she can still feel
      her tortured lover... what next? "Can you.. uh.. talk to him?"
      "No. I've heard him say my name once, but it was all before it was
      pushed out by suffering... I think they can tell when he tries.
      Bastards." she shook with a silenced sob. He wanted to help her
      somehow. He had to get her mind off of the supposed pain she felt.
      "I've been talking to Rogue, and she said that all of the students
      are really torn without him." he told her gently, "She said that
      they'd never admit it, but he was their favorite teacher."
      She let something out that somewhat resembled a short laugh. "He's
      good with kids. Well, one's that aren't terrified of him."
      "I never really pinned him as the father figure type." Logan said,
      moving to sit down on the bed.
      "He really loves the kids." Jean said with a hint of happiness in her
      voice. Logan noticed how she always remembered to talk of him in
      present tense. She wasn't going to acknowledge that Scotty might not
      be coming back until she held his cold body. "He always said he wants
      a big family."
      "I'm sure you'll get the chance." Logan tried to give her hope. God
      knew she really needed some right now.
      "I hope so." she finally let out a choked sob, "God, I miss him so
      much." Tears fell fast from her reddened eyes. "The Professor keeps
      trying to find him with Cerebro. He says that however Magneto blocked
      Cerebro, he told the man that took Scott how to do it. I'm terrified
      that one morning I'll wake up and I'll know... they've finally...
      killed him."
      "You'll find him, Jean. He'll be okay." Logan put a hand on her
      "Please keep your promise, Scott... Please..." she cried into his
      shirt, pulling his glasses to her chest even harder.


      It had been 13 days, Scott guessed. 13 days of rotting in utter hell
      on Earth. He couldn't stand to even twitch the wrong way anymore, for
      fear of having dry heaves from his long since empty stomach. The only
      movement he made was the involuntary shuddering and shaking that was
      always present.
      He had stopped trying to contact Jean or Xavier when he found out
      that Windstrom (as he had learned his name was), could tell when he
      tried and immediately sent guards to punish him for such rude
      behavior. Scott didn't know if he could stand it anymore... between
      constant beatings and the mental images that Everett was constantly
      plaguing his mind with, he felt like he would die at any second.
      The heavy metal door lurched open and Scott's muscles instinctively
      tightened all over his battered body. There was an audible gasp and
      he tried to speak through his cracked lips, "Please... no..."
      He was silenced by a low 'sshh'. He stopped talking at once and slow
      footsteps came towards him. There was a soft hand at his face and he
      tried to turn his head away in fear. "Noo.." he moaned. There was
      more movement before he felt a soft, warm rag being pressed against
      his cheek where the duct tape started.
      "I'm here to help." the entity spoke, "You have to be quiet now."
      For the rest of the procedure, he was silent except for a few times
      when his skin was pulled painfully. The careful hands slowly undid
      all of the binding over his eyes. "Open your eyes." the decidedly
      woman voice told him.
      "Can't... kill you." he rasped.
      "No, you've been down here too long. Your eyes have stopped producing
      the energy in them." he was told. Slowly, his eyelids fluttered,
      squinting against even the low light in the room. She looked down at
      him in wonder. All she was to him was a lighter blur against the dark
      exterior of the walls. As she looked on, his dark blue eyes flickered
      with red spots. His pupils were so shrunken that they were mere dots
      in a vast ocean of blue.
      "We've got to get you out of here." she stated, and began frantically
      undoing the rest of the straps around his body. "I'm Dr. Cameron.
      I've worked with Everett Windstrom for a time now, not knowing that
      this is what he was doing with my research."
      "Are you getting me out of here?" Scott asked.
      "Yes. Try to stand." she directed him, although he could barely see.
      His shaky legs came down against the cement floor. He attempted to
      stand, clutching the table fiercely.
      "Thank you." he managed to say when he had steadied himself enough,
      his broken ribs protested such movement greatly.
      "We're not out yet." she said and through his arm around her
      shoulders. "I got the guards down with a gas, they're not going to be
      out for much longer, and I don't know when Windstrom is coming back.
      We have to _move_."
      Scott hobbled slowly towards the door, but getting better as they
      made their way up a flight of stairs. The came to a door on the first
      floor of the complex with a number code lock on it.
      "SHIT!" Cameron swore, "I came in the back way and we don't have time
      to get back to it."
      "Try the code 45-67-33." he gave a slight smile, "I heard it when
      they dragged me in."
      She quickly typed in the numbers and grinned as it opened. Throwing
      Scott's arm around her again, she pulled him to her waiting car.
      I'm coming, Scott thought, Jean, I'm coming.

      ~*~X Chapter 2 X~*~

      The car ride was full of turns and bumps that threw pressure against
      Scott's already damaged stomach and ribs. "I don't think I can take
      much more of this." Scott mumbled out painfully.
      "We're almost there." Dr. Cameron said with hope.
      Coming to the beginning of the grounds of the school, she slowed her
      car. "I have to let you go here. I'll go see if Windstrom is coming,
      go as fast as you can."
      "Thank you so much." Scott said while trying to get out of the car as
      fast as he could, "I'll never see you again, most likely, so I don't
      know what to say to thank you."
      "Say you won't get caught by Everett again." she said, "Oh, and take
      your visor. Must have cost a fortune with the ruby in it. Your eyes
      will start working in a few days, I think."
      "I won't get anywhere near Everett again. Goodbye." Scott said,
      taking his battle visor from her and turning towards the grounds. He
      heard the car take off behind him, but all he could concentrate on
      was that he was almost home.
      After walking for what seemed to be forever, he could spot a bench a
      few hundred yards away. It looked like Rogue was sitting in it. He
      mentally willed himself to keep going, to get his ass home to get to
      Desperately, he pushed himself further. But his body didn't want to
      cooperate, it had been through so much that it couldn't take another
      step, no matter how much the mind wanted to go. He dropped to his
      knees sweating and breathing heavy. He watched as Rogue's distant
      figure got up.
      ROGUE!! he screamed mentally at her, TURN AROUND!! Seeing that she
      had started to turn, he smiled. He didn't think that would have
      actually worked. Maybe it was luck, but for now, he knew she saw him.
      Collapsing on the ground once he knew rescue was imminent, he stared
      up at the sky trying to breathe evenly. Footsteps ran towards him
      faster and faster.
      "Mr. Summers!!" Rogue yelled questioningly.
      "Rogue..." his voice had started to cave in again.
      "It's you! You're back!" Rogue shouted, a tear slipping down her
      cheek. The moment was shattered, however as a car drove down into the
      driveway. Scott looked at the car long and hard. It was Everett's.
      "NO!" Scott yelled weakly, "He's back."
      "Who is?" Rogue asked fearfully. Scott's mind turned quickly. No one
      was outside but Rogue. No one to help him, and it looked like Everett
      had spotted him. The car door opened and he stepped out. Thank god he
      didn't have any soldiers with him though.
      "Rogue... The man that took me... is coming..." he shuddered out, "I
      can't... fight him. Run, please."
      "I can't leave you here!" she cried.
      "What can you do? Drag me to the house? Neither of us would make it.
      Please go." Scott weakly pushed her away from him.
      "Why don't you just..." she stopped. For the first time she noticed
      that he wasn't wearing his battle visor, but instead it was in his
      hand. "You can't shoot him."
      "I know. I'm too weak to fight him." he hated admitting that he was
      weak, but he was trying desperately to get Rogue out of there.
      Windstrom was walking painstakingly slow towards them, grinning like
      an idiot.
      "Then I'll do it!" she shouted, "I'll take your god damn power and
      shoot his fucking head off!"
      He looked at her, she had such rage inside of her.. because of him.
      He didn't know what to do. It was the only way that he had a chance
      of getting out of this, but he didn't know if it would work. He made
      up his mind suddenly. Scott took his visor and clicked it to full.
      "Here. Put this on, as soon as you get him lined up, press the button
      on the right." she took off her glove slowly, more tears slipping
      down her pale face, "Rogue... If I don't make it.. tell Jean that I
      love her... very, very much..." He closed is eyes, getting ready for
      the experience.
      She reached her hand towards him, touching his tensed forehead. Scott
      froze. It was as if his whole body was being pulled out through the
      one spot of touch that Rogue had on him. His whole body locked up and
      he thought one thing.
      I love you, Jean. I'll try not to break my promise.


      Jean sat by the window of their room. She refused to think of it as
      HER room. It implied that no one would share it with her again. Ororo
      had finally convinced her to get dressed in her own clothes and go
      outside. It had been a long walk, but all she could think about was
      Scott and the last time they had been in the exact spot.
      She strolled around her room, finally thinking of what a mess things
      were. She had been cleaning for only a few minutes when she found
      them again. His glasses. Her stomach locked up and her heart stopped.
      No matter how many times she saw them, she couldn't stop the feelings.
      Then Jean heard it.
      I love you, Jean. I'll try not to break my promise. The unused mind
      connection cracked and fizzed to life.
      She froze. Scott? she sent out. She fearfully tried again, not
      getting an answer. She heard something else then... Rogue's thoughts.
      What's going on? she thought confused. She heard Rogue say she was
      outside by the bench in the basketball courts.
      Not knowing what else to do, she ran out the door, still hanging on
      to Scott's glasses. Tearing through the house, she saw Logan. He
      stared at her, question in his eyes.
      "Something's going on by the basketball court." she said and started
      running again.
      She burst out of the back door, seeing a sight she wouldn't soon
      forget. She saw Rogue turn to the man... That damn asshole! Jean
      thought. He was the one that took Scott. She would never forget his
      Rogue turned and Jean was surprised as she had Scott's battle visor
      on. Logan looked equally confused at her side, but Jean started
      racing towards the crumpled form behind her. As she was streaking
      over the tar of the court, Rogue put her hand up to the visor release
      trigger and pressed it.
      Jean jolted to a stop. Rogue had just killed Windstrom with... her
      eyes? What was going on? Windstrom's body flew back about 10 yards
      into his car with a sickening thud. "Rogue?" she asked.
      Rogue turned sharply around, tear tracks on her face, "Mr. Summers..
      he told me.. Is he okay?" her voice shook with her shoulders. Jean
      turned and saw Scott. She walked up to him with shaking knees. She
      prayed hard that he was alive.
      "Oh my God... SCOTT!!" she yelled as she dropped down next to him,
      carefully pulling him to her chest, "Please, Scott! Answer me!"
      She got a slight shudder and he faintly moaned. Jean turned to
      Logan, "Help me get him in the house. He needs to get to the
      infirmary NOW."
      Logan quickly got Scott's legs as Jean pulled up his upper
      body. "Please hold on." she whispered and pressed a kiss against his
      forehead. Behind them, Rogue bit her lip, horrified that they were
      mad at her for doing what she did.
      "Dr. Grey, I'm so sorry. He told me to leave but... I couldn't! That
      guy.." she sniffed as she followed the rapidly moving pair.
      "Marie," she addressed seriously, "this isn't your fault. Scott told
      you what to do and it was a wise decision. If you wouldn't have done
      this, that bastard would have him by now."
      "Jean..." Logan paused as Jean turned her head, "is he supposed to be
      blue like that?"
      "NO!" she screamed and lowered him onto the ground, Logan following
      suit. She checked his pulse and she let out a cry as she started CPR.
      She pushed his chest hard, trying to get his heart to start. By now,
      students had heard the commotion and were trying to decide what was
      weirder: the fact that Rogue was wearing their suddenly reappeared
      teachers visor or that the teacher was being used as a CPR dummy.
      Jean's desperate attempts were failing as tears began rolling hard
      through her eyes, making it hard to see. A student made her way
      through the crowd. "Ms. Grey? I can help." they said. Jean looked up,
      it was Maura Wilks. The human lightning beam to most.
      "Maura.. this isn't the best time." Jean said, a little more bite in
      her words that she meant.
      "Need some defribrillators?" she said, she put her hands above her
      fallen teachers heart. Suddenly her hands glowed and a shock traveled
      from her hands to Scott's chest. His body jumped off the ground and
      Jean breathed into his mouth before feeling for a pulse.
      "Do it again, dammit!" she yelled. Maura complied and shocked Mr.
      Summers, amazing her fellow students and teachers with her calmness.
      As Jean knelt to breathe for him again, his body shook and he jerked
      and coughed.
      "Okay, let's get him to the basement." she announced and they began
      moving the groggy man more. Scott looked around, woozy with a
      tingling in his chest and pains all over. He looked up, straight into
      his angel's eyes.
      Smiling, he gazed up at her and before slipping back unconscious, he
      whispered, "You're even more beautiful in color."
      Everyone including the students were too happy to see their teacher
      back to notice that off in front of the Xavier School, Windstrom's
      car was missing.
      ~*~X Chapter 3 (gonna get mushy, but please stay)X~*~

      It had been three days. Three days and Jean had hardly left his
      bedside. Logan was wondering how she could stand to sit in the room
      where the only movement was breathing, Rogue was beside herself with
      guilt, and Maura thought she killed him by shocking him to hard.
      Jean knew he would come. Scott was never one to break his promises
      and she was going to sit vigil until he woke up. She tried once to
      look into his mind, but with one flash of images that Everett had
      implanted there sent her screaming from his mind.
      Logan had visited a few times to see how they were both doing.
      Nothing changed much, really. It was just a matter of time until he
      woke up. He can't possible stay in a coma much longer.. She reminded
      herself every day.
      On the sixth day he had been in the infirmary, Jean sat down at 9:15
      to start her daily ritual of talking to him, trying to talk him out
      of dying. She was just telling him how the students really wanted his
      iron fist back in school, something happened. His 'iron fist' jumped
      and flexed in hers.
      Her breathe quickened as his eyes began to move under his eyelids.
      Fluttering like a model's, his eyes slowly opened. She gasped as she
      finally had time to look at his eyes. She'd only seen them a total of
      two times before this, and she had the times permanently stored in
      her memory box for eternity.
      His head started to roll towards her and his eyes widened. "Jean! You
      didn't leave! God, I love you so much... please don't leave." he
      pleaded with her as she pulled him against her.
      "I'd never leave you, Scott. I love you more than life itself. You're
      the one who I was worried was leaving." Jean sputtered out through
      joyful tears.
      "Promise not to go anywhere if you don't." he muttered into her
      "Promise." she sobbed and kissed him with passion that she'd had pent
      up inside her for almost three weeks.
      "Mmm... I can see you..." he sighed into her mouth, "...in color now."
      "And I can see your eyes. They're so beautiful." She kissed his
      eyelids for good measure.
      "So are you." He hugged her to him. The soreness numbed by the
      morphine, he leaned back on his cot. "Too bad I'm hung up in a
      hospital cot now."
      "Don't worry... I'll repay you in full later." She laughed, but was
      interrupted by a loud throat clearing in the door.
      "Hello.. um.. Professor." Scott blushed and Jean smiled at one of the
      miracles of the world.
      "Hello, Scott. Nice to see you're functioning again." Xavier gave a
      big grin as he crossed the room. Jean and Scott looked away, turning
      the color of roses. "Anyway, I just came down here to see how you
      both were doing. Apparently quite well."
      "Very well." Scott recovered.
      Xavier just smiled, a smile that told them both that he knew EXACTLY
      what they were both thinking about. "Well, if you're both doing so
      well, I think I'll leave you both to talk about things." With a snort
      he turned his chair and left the room gracefully.
      "You do realize we're going to be mocked for the rest of our natural
      lives by him now, don't you?" Scott frowned.
      "Let him mock." Jean grasped his hand and lightly pressed herself
      down on him.
      "You've convinced me." He sucked in a sharp breathe as she leaned in
      to hard, "_But_... I'm still sore, Jean."
      "Sorry!" She apologized quickly. She settled for snuggling her head
      into his side and she closed her eyes. They both slowly drifted off
      for much needed rest.


      They were at the Statue of Liberty. Looking around, she saw Wolverine
      sniff. After exchanging some of the usual remarks with Scott, he
      wandered off to investigate. She glanced around at her Scott tensing
      up and Ororo nervously darting her eyes for avenging danger.
      Logan appeared around one of the pillars. That was quick, she
      thought. "Did you find anything?" Scott inquired, turning back around
      to survey the rest of the huge room.
      "No, but they're close." Logan came up behind him, claws tearing out
      of his hand with a deadly snickt. He raised his arm back as Jean's
      breathe caught, "SCOTT!" she screamed. He turned just as Logan swung
      his morbid claws up into his back and ripped through his chest. His
      gasp was quickly cut off as the claws pulled him upwards.
      "What the hell are you doing, Logan?!" her voice broke. She saw his
      eyes go a flashing yellow color. Mystique, you fucking bitch! Her
      thoughts flung cruelly. Seemingly to spite her, Mystique twisted her
      claws inside of Scott. His eyes widened with pain and terror before
      she flung him against a far wall, blood leaving a sinister trail to
      the ground where he tried desperately to stand but in the end
      crumpled to the floor.
      Turning into her green self, Mystique approached the remaining X-Men
      as the real Logan appeared. Thinking fast, he tackled her. In the few
      seconds of the fight, it was obvious that Logan was getting his ass
      kicked. Mystique was just to limber and quick to get a square hit to
      her. Just as she was about to deliver a harsh blow to his pinned down
      form, a long burst of red light blared through the room.
      Scott, slunk down the wall, panting from exertion and his hand fell
      limp against the floor from his visor. Jean quickly streaked across
      the short distance and dropped in front of him. "Scott! Hang on,
      okay?" she murmured to him, gently picked up his head.
      "I love you, Jean. Never forget... that I ... love you." he strained
      out before coughing wetly. A thin line of blood came from his mouth.
      "NO SCOTT! No.. You're going to make it, okay? I love you too much,
      please don't leave me." she sobbed as Ororo and Logan stood in the
      back, unknowing of what to do.
      "Jean, take off my visor." Scott instructed. "But.." she
      protested. "Just trust me." Slowly, she slipped off his eye cover,
      expecting a blast of light, but was met with nothing but his eyes.
      "My brain is shutting down... It's... not producing... energy
      anymore." He reached up to stroke her tearful face, "I wanted
      to ...see you... without my glasses."
      "Hold on, I can't live without you!" Jean shook.
      "Yes, you can. You're strong. Please go on." His body shook one last
      time, "I'll always be there... my love is too strong to die..."
      "Scott?" she pleaded with his till form, "SCOTT!!!"

      Seconds later, Jean woke up shrieking against Scott's chest. "NO NO
      NO NO!! You're not dead!" her arms frailed wildly, "You promised me
      not to die!!"
      "JEAN!" Scott yelled at her, catching her arms before she could
      damage either of them, "WAKE UP!"
      "Oh, god, Scott! You died! You were dead, please don't die!" she
      clutched at him with renewed zeal.
      "I'm not dead, I'm right here and I'm never leaving you. Listen... I
      have nightmares too. Everett.. he used to... plant images in my mind
      every day over and over again. They were more horrible that you could
      ever imagine. Every time I would watch you and everyone else I've
      worked so hard to protect die in front of me."
      "You know better than to listen to the bad guy, don't you?" Jean
      sniffed against him.
      "Not when I can't tell what my real memories are." His voice rang out
      "You... you can't remember if they were real?" She asked gently, "Let
      me show you some real memories then."
      She walked up behind him and placed her hands be his head,
      remembering the familiar stance, Scott swatted at her hands in fear
      before she soothed him, "It's me, Scott. It's going to be okay... I'm
      going to let you know what your memories are."
      Softly, she placed the palms of her fingers against his temples,
      projecting images:

      It was the first time they had ever saw each other. Jean had been
      working on her first large, substantial job for the professor and she
      wanted desperately to impress him. She didn't know if the glasses she
      didn't know why the Professor wanted ruby-quartz glasses, but she
      decided it was best to do what he asked and ask question later.
      Pacing outside his office holding the glasses gently, she heard the
      mental equivalent to a 'come in'. Opening the door slowly, she first
      set eyes on him. A teenager sat with waving hair in front of the
      Professor. He seemed to have some way about him that made her eyes
      glue to him. She wondered if he would look better if she got a better
      "I would get up to greet you, but..." The young man let the sentence
      drag off into oblivion.
      "Um.. that's..okay." she stuttered, walked towards him, noticing the
      heavy medical bandages covering his eyes. Trying to turn herself away
      from the awkward person, she turned to Xavier, who was obviously
      regarding the interaction with much interest, "I brought the glasses."
      "Good, Jean. If you would be so kind, please take off the bandages
      and put them on." Xavier spoke smoothly with even tones. The man in
      front of her seemed to lock up at the thought of being touched and
      squirmed more and more as she approached. He seemed to sense her
      getting closer.
      "It's okay." she said quietly as she began to peel the medical tape
      off his eyes as smoothly as she could.
      "Sorry." he said, with little meaning in it. After completing the
      task of undoing his barrier, he eyes were slammed together so tight
      that she thought that he stopped breathing, but noticed the quick
      intake of air. She picked up the glasses and tried to adjust them on
      his face. He took her hand and they were both taken back by the
      seeming electricity that traveled through the small touch. She
      finished adjusting the glasses and stood up.
      "It's okay, now. You can open your eyes." the Professor said
      "You're sure?" His voice was uncertain and shaky.
      "Yes, Jean is very talented and I'm 100% sure in her ability in
      making these glasses." He reassured him.
      "Okay.. but.. you'd better duck out of the way..." He slowly peeked
      his eyes opening, an amazing stress being released from his eyelids
      as the lasers found the block in the ruby glasses. He looked around
      for the first time in months and stopped at Jean.
      "I'm... uh... I'm Scott..." Scott stuttered, holding out a hand. Jean
      shook it and felt the same energy flow through them, "You.. m-must
      "...Yeah..." She found her voice. He was even better with the glasses
      At his desk, Xavier smiled and turned towards Jean. "Would you show
      our new student around, please?"

      Scott opened his eyes as the images faded to black, meeting the dark
      eyes of his lover's. "Professor sure was a conniving one back then."
      The smile shown through in his voice.
      "Was he wrong, though?" Her mind was still on the beginnings of their
      "I should thank him later." He pulled her down into an awkward kiss,
      having her upside down and above him. "I must say... I would be much
      obliged for more pleasant memories."
      She giggled and went back to his forehead.

      Jean was walking up to him, drizzling rain slowly falling from the
      sky. Westchester, New York was getting the longest wet spell she
      could ever remember. She wrapped the long jacket around her tighter
      as the rain still found pockets to soak her.
      "Scott?" She called out with concern. She hadn't seen him around
      recently, and she was getting worried about him. Jean reminded
      herself that she was pursuing as much as humanly possible, but the
      more she shunned herself, the more she became addicted to the time
      she spent with the object of her affection. "Scott?"
      He stood leaning against a small tree overlooking the lake.
      Cautiously, he turned towards her, his face as stony as ever. He
      tried to lift his face a little for Jean, but found it harder than
      ever. She was so beautiful, even with her hair wetted down from the
      rain. It was just one of the many reasons he was feeling so
      depressed. She'd never like him, his grades were dropping, and he
      found himself more and more focusing on the worst times in his life
      instead of the better.
      "Are you okay?" Jean asked him.
      "I'm fine..." He answered timidly, "Just... thinking."
      "In the middle of a drizzling rain?" She asked jokingly.
      "Matched my mood, I guess." He felt bad for killing the conversation
      with his depressing mood and tried to think of a way to start it up
      Little did he know, Jean was trying frantically to think of way to do
      the same thing. Come on, Jean, she tough to herself, Ororo said that
      he's just so caught up in me, now if only he'd prove it!
      "Jean... I..." he started and she looked hopefully at him, but he
      froze as soon as he met his eyes. He'd been rejected so much in his
      life, how could he stand one more?
      "Scott..." Her voice strained to a halt. Oh, screw this! She threw
      logic away and grabbed his neck, pulling him down against her. Their
      lips met in one of the strongest kisses in her life. Just when she
      thought that she was about to get shoved away in disgust, he wrapped
      his arms around and pulled her to him strongly, meshing into her.
      Finally parting for lack of air, he looked down at her, both of them
      drenched in rain. They walked to a nearby bench and sat down, unaware
      that they were getting completely soaked. "Uhmm... wow." Is all Scott
      could get out.
      "Yeah." Jean fidgeted as the tension grew. Knowing there wouldn't be
      a moment like this for a long time, she finally went for the big
      guns, "I think I'm falling in love."
      "I am already." He looked at her before leaning into her again,
      capturing her lips before they could take back a word as he feared.
      This better not be a dream, he thought.
      When the two finally got up after exploring each other's mouths
      enough and made it to Jean's door before she turned around. He
      instantly leaned down and kissed her. "Please don't say goodbye." he
      whispered to her pleading.
      "Who said anything about goodbye?" She smiled and opened the door
      while he was pressing against her with the rest of his body. Minutes
      later, they sat in front of a roaring fire, compliments of a well
      places small eye beam from Scott.
      Sitting in front of it, Jean and Scott sat in front of each other
      while she touched his forehead for a short second. "Are you sure you
      want me to read your mind? I'm not that good."
      "I trust you." That was all he said before he guided her hand to her
      forehead. After a few seconds she closed her eyes and focused on him.
      Her fingertips twitched as she felt him send a great feeling of trust
      and love. She took her hand and touched his firm chest and sent the
      same feeling back.
      "You're better than you think." Scott pointed out as he smiled
      wildly. He got up on his knees as Jean did and took a crawling step
      to her. "I've never felt anything like this for anyone but you, Jean."
      "Neither have I, it's amazing." They both wrapped arms around each
      other as they plunged into each others mouths. Unfortunately, Scott's
      glasses bumped Jean's head more than once and she snickered into him.
      "Damn... glasses..." He smiled, but kept on going, trying to pay no
      attention to them.
      I'm going to marry this kid if it kills me, Jean thought happily.

      "Is that really what you thought?" Scott asked her as the memory
      "Yes. And I never lie." Jean grinned wildly.
      "I'm sure you don't, my love." He pulled her around his head and to
      his side, "Thing have gotten so great since back then."
      "I know. God, I'm so glad you're home." Jean said, hugging him.
      "Of course I'm home... I had a promise to keep."
      "Speaking of which..." Jean started but looked down to regenerate
      some courage, "Having you... not here... made me think about
      something." She stopped. Scott looked up at her curiously, watching
      her wiggle a certain finger on her left hand.
      "You... don't want to..."
      "No! Wow, you can be thick headed some times! I want to set a date,
      Scott." She mocked annoyance while he chuckled.
      "Oh... I guess I was waiting to see if you actually wanted to get
      stuck with me, I guess." Scott smiled sheepishly, "When were you
      "Sometime in July. Nice and warm for a honeymoon." Jean said
      dreamily, laying her head on his chest.
      "The third." He suggested, "I've had pretty good luck with threes."
      "Third of July it is... and we can take off and have the fourth of
      July under the stars somewhere over yonder."
      "Sounds nice," He said, pulled his arms around him lightly, "Watch
      fireworks together."
      "And make some fireworks." she giggled softly.

      ~*~X Chapter 4 (and we're back to beating the tar out of characters)

      It had been almost a week and a half of sitting in a bed. At least
      they moved me out of the damn infirmary, he thought. They'd been
      lucky enough to have Xavier find a doctor willing to help a mutant.
      There was only so much Jean could do for Scott with the infected
      Jean? he called out, hoping she wasn't too busy in a class.
      Yes, oh bothersome one? He smiled. Even in his mind she was a
      smartass. Hun, if I don't get back to grilling the hell out of
      students soon, I'm afraid I'll start blowing things up in the room
      for the hell of it. I'm going to my Algebra class.
      Since I know better than to try and stop you, Summers, I'll let you
      go. Just take it easy, okay? You're still...He felt her mentally
      groping for a word.
      Fragile? He supplied while pulling on some khakis. Yes! See you
      tonight. Jean gave him a mental peck on the cheek. Grabbing his
      glasses off the dresser and tucking them in his coat, wondering when
      he damn eyes would work again.
      He sighed at pulled on a light overcoat to cover up the thick
      bandages that were still puffing his shirt a little. Oh, won't they
      be so glad to see Tight-Ass-Summers back. He thought with a hint of
      They'd never admit they missed you, and I prefer your tight ass to
      any other. Jean caught him off guard.
      Thank you, you're dismissed since I don't think the students will
      need to see me hovering in one spot sending messages to you. They'll
      think I'm insane... and don't comment on that either.
      He finally got to his Algebra class, looking in, he saw the most
      remarkable sight that would haunt him forever. Logan.. teaching his
      Algebra class. Dear god, what is he teaching them? Addition? Scott's
      hand came to the door, and suddenly he felt amazingly nervous. If I
      can face down Magneto, I can do this! he thought impatiently and
      yanked open the door before he had regrets.
      Logan froze in mid sentence.. although by the looks of it, even HE
      didn't know really what he was talking about. Scott stood in the
      doorway, "Figured you'd need some help, you look like you're
      struggling just a tad." He emphasized 'tad'.
      "Shut it, One Eye." Logan growled, though some of the happiness to
      see him walking around was apparent. Approaching his desk as Logan
      handed him the textbook he remarked, "No, you shut it, Fuzzy Wuzzy."
      Granted with a few giggles from the rising testosterone level in the
      room, Scott turned back to his class. "What are you fine people
      studying by now?"
      "Whatever we were when you left, Mr. Summers. Logan hasn't exactly
      been the fastest teacher." Rogue made fun of Logan. Turning to glare
      at her, Logan stuck out his tongue.
      "So mature, Logan. But I see you're getting better." Scott joined in.
      "I see you finally started to loosen up, Tight Ass, I'm proud of
      you," Logan tried to get him back.
      "Yeah, near death experiences do that to a man."
      The room had far since stopped trying not to laugh at the two grown
      men flinging insults at each other, until Remy finally piped up
      nervously, "Ah, Mr. Summers? Aren't you supposed to have sunglasses
      or whatever on?" It seemed the rest of the class already knew this
      information, but they all stared raptly at their teacher for an
      "Yes, unfortunately they're not working at the moment, but they're
      getting better." He said smoothly, not hinting at the pain that was
      brewing underneath his demeanor.
      "Well, I better get going." Logan said, noticing the silence in the
      room when the subject had turned it's direction at the whole
      kidnaping ordeal. "Have fun, One Eye."
      "Ah, it's good to be back." Scott said, plunking down in his
      chair. "Now to decide whether I should give extra homework to make up
      for lost time.."
      In the middle of his mechanics class, he had just gotten over
      explaining how the basic engine system works to his class when Rogue
      lifted up her hand, "Uhmm... Mr. Summers? Your... ah... eyes are
      Scott felt the usual tingling his beams produced and quickly turned
      towards the garage door while he reached in his pocket for his
      glasses. His eyes started to sting and he opened his eyes too soon
      and a bright beam blew a large whole in the garage door.
      "Woah!" Everyone in the garage remarked, "That was cool!"
      "Shit. That's comin' out of my pay check." Scott said while he put
      his glasses on and blushed a dark crimson.
      "Remind me never to get in trouble with _you_ again." Bobby said,
      sinking down in his chair.


      On the fifth day of being back to class, Scott was feeling great.
      Finally being free of the restricting bandages, he no longer had to
      wear his loose clothing, not to mention it didn't hurt every time
      Jean would lay on him at night.
      "Will everyone please pass your assigned homework to the front?"
      Scott said from his desk as he wrote in his planner. He went over his
      plans to try and persuade the Professor to give Jean and himself some
      time off after their wedding... not that he thought it would be that
      big of a problem.
      He got up to start collecting papers as he began his lesson, but was
      interrupted by a sharp knock on the door. Striding over to it, he was
      surprised to see Kitty at the door... standing rigid. "Kitty, what is
      it?" He asked concerned. He no sooner got his question out that he
      saw the long claw extended across her throat from... Logan?
      "Logan, what the hell are you _doing_?!" Scott yelled angrily. When
      he made no intention of letting Kitty go, he walked towards her, but
      a claw shot out and pointed at him.
      "I wouldn't do that, Mr. Summers. Your precious students might not
      want to see you on the floor bleeding to death." came a cold hollow
      voice. It was Logan's voice, but it was monotone and dead sounding.
      Scott looked at his eyes, they were void of any emotion... almost
      like when the Professor took over someone's body.
      "Are you okay?" He asked in the direction of Kitty. She nodded a bit,
      too traumatized to try and do anything more.
      "Let her go, Logan. What's going on?" Scott's voice asked evenly,
      masking his emotions perfectly.
      "I warned you once while you were on a table in my little cell that
      you would never be rid of me. Didn't you believe any of it?" Logan
      "Windstrom, where the fuck are you, you unholy bastard!" Scott
      yelled, alarming his class further.
      "What's wrong, dear boy? Didn't realize just how strong my powers
      were? It's so like the youth these days to underestimate their
      "Let... Kitty...Go." His voice was low and threatening. "Only if
      you'll come with me."
      "This situation is sickeningly really familiar." Scott said bitterly,
      but realized Kitty's life was about to be ended, "Fine, let her go."
      'Logan' tossed Kitty aside like a ragdoll and the frightened girl
      scrambled away, sobbing. Logan started walking towards Scott quickly
      with determined strides and suddenly froze. There seemed to be some
      inner struggling going on between Windstrom and Logan.
      "One Eye... get... outta here." Logan's real voice came through
      before being taken over again by Everett's powerful mind. Scott
      considered running, but felt his maternal instincts towards the
      students kick in and he stood his ground.
      "You're going to wish you ran, Mr. Summers." 'Logan' said.
      "Shut up, you asshole." Scott was in no mood for trying to persuade
      Everett not to attack, as he knew it would have no effect on the
      bitter person.
      "Such language." Logan stiffened again and while Logan fought for
      control, Scott gave him wide birth and walked around him towards the
      "Where the hell are you, Windstrom!" He yelled out the door.
      Suddenly, Wolverine's body was careening at him before anyone could
      warn him. Grunting as the air was crushed out of him and he was
      smashed into the wall by the door.
      Oh.. God... Jean! he screamed out in terror, Get the Professor... He
      stopped and hoped that she had gotten the message. In reality, he
      could hear Logan's claws come out and the classroom let out a
      startled gasp.
      Dodging the oncoming claws in time, Scott tackled Logan to the ground
      before he could do anything else. Being flipped off the stronger mans
      body, Scott looked for any way to hold him off, barring killing him.
      Most of the students had made their way to the back of the room,
      trying to stay out of the way of the ensuing fight. None of them knew
      what to do... having not taken a class in what to do if one of your
      teachers' minds gets possessed and attacks the other.
      Logan landed a square kick into Scott's injured side and with a
      painful yell, he fell to the floor. He skidded a few feet before
      stopping and he tried to squirm back, willing the painful bursts in
      his head to go away.
      "Tsk tsk, Scotty boy... why don't you just give it up. I'm not one to
      traumatize young adults." Logan said, grabbing Scott's leg and
      dragging him. Desperate for survival, Scott flung his other leg up,
      pelting Logan in the chest, but only minorly denting his strong grasp
      on his ankle.
      Suddenly there were footsteps running down the hall. It's about damn
      time... Scott thought before Logan, having dragged him to the front
      of the class, bent over to grab onto his shirt. Hoisting him up in
      the air, he smiled sinisterly at him. "I see your calvary has
      arrived... I think they'll be a little too late though."
      "We'll see." Scott ground through his teeth. He managed to swing his
      entire body into a kick to Logan's side, knocking him down. His
      victory was short lived though, as Logan wiped his mouth of the blood
      from his split lip and slowly rose.
      "Logan... I hope when you're in the right mind... you'll
      understand..." Scott said sympathetically and lifted his sunglasses,
      blasting Logan in the shoulder.
      "Why, young man, it seems that the body I've chosen seems to have a
      healing factor. Quite handy." Logan smiled and grabbed Scott's neck,
      lifting him up in the air, "Unfortunately for you, Mr. Summers, you
      do not."
      Dangling a foot in the air, Scott grabbed at his captor's iron fist
      and very quickly losing the fight from oxygen deprivation, all he
      could do was hope to god that Jean got here soon.
      "Logan, put him down!" Jean screamed, "What's WRONG with you?!"
      "Jean, he's not himself... Everett has taken over his body." Xavier
      said darkly, "I'll try to get him back." The Professor closed his
      eyes, trying to focus.
      Logan, having noticed the change in events, dropped Cyclops, who
      weaved before falling to his knees gasping. "Oh... God... Scott! What
      the hell happened?" Logan's true voice showed through before he
      lurched, letting out a grunt and his claws ripped out of his hands.
      "I may not be able to exact revenge on everyone... but at least I can
      take down your surrogate son with you, Xavier." Windstrom spoke for
      Logan. Suddenly, Scott was grabbed around the neck again, being
      wedged with Logan's whole forearm pressing against his neck in a
      deadly headlock.
      "Logan... please let him go." Jean's eyes teared, "You can fight him."
      As if an answer to him, Logan's free arm swept backwards. Jean's
      breathe caught. Please... no... SCOTT! Jean shrieked in her head as
      Logan's arm swung back and into Scott's back. The only noise in the
      room was of the sickening slicing noise of Logan's claws and Scott
      gasping for breathe.
      "Jean..." Scott whispered weakly. Shock was quickly taking over his
      actions as he sagged in Logan's controlled grasp.
      "Scott, hold on... we're gonna get you out of this." Logan stared at
      Jean evilly before twisting his claws, wrenching the wounds apart.
      Cyclops sucked in his breathe and let out a choked groan. His legs
      became rubbery as Logan dragged him along, his blood dripping down
      onto the cold tiled floor.
      Logan's body suddenly shuddered and wracked with convulsions. Both
      men dropped to the floor and Logan shook his head furiously. Looking
      around, he saw Scott coughing and curling protectively into a ball,
      holding his torn stomach.
      "Cyke? Who did this, who..." Logan caught the feared look etched in
      his face, "_I_ did this? Oh god... what did I do.."
      "It wasn't your fault, Logan. Everett..." Jean said, kneeling over
      Scott, "Scott? Come on, stay awake, okay?"
      He tried to focus on the bleary image of his love's face... slowly
      fading in and out of blackness. "Jean? I'm cold... and it hurts..."
      "I know, honey... we're going to help you now, it's okay." Jean
      surveyed the damage, trying to look at it just as a doctor, but
      seeing the growing smears of blood around him wracked her soul. She
      looked back down at him, but he was staring over her shoulder.
      Scott, through his slipping haze, caught a movement behind Xavier.
      Fucking Windstrom... He thought bitterly. He was about to haze his
      hands to strike the Professor when Scott ripped his hand towards his
      visor in a burst of energy. Aiming with learned accuracy, he blew
      Everett in the chest, ripping a hole where his cold heart laid.
      The adrenaline gone, Scott slowly fell back down to the
      floor. "Logan.. go check.." He directed, twitching a hand in
      Everett's direction. The man nodded and got up, understanding why he
      needed to know he was dead, and to be alone with Jean.
      "Jean... I don't want to leave you..." He muttered softly.
      "You're not going to, baby. Please hold on. The Professor has already
      called an ambulance.... the man that helped you before is coming..."
      Tears slipped down her face unnoticed until he reached a soft hand up
      to brush them away.
      "It's getting so cold..." Scott's body shuttered from pain and blood
      loss, "I don't want to die."
      "You won't die, you hear me? You are _not_ dying on me!" More tears
      streamed down her face at seeing her love bleeding to death on the
      "I'm... so tired..." His eyelids flickered, the light in his visor
      dimming for seconds and then blaring bright. The students watched in
      horror in the back of the room as his coughed and shook. All felt
      guilty, thinking that maybe, just maybe if they did something, this
      wouldn't be happening.
      "Please don't leave me, Scott." Jean whispered, carefully hugging his
      body to hers. She could hear sirens off in the distance. She felt
      everyone's eyes on her, sobbing into Cyclops' neck, but not caring
      about anything but the man in her arms. His blood stained her loose
      shirt crimson as she gripped him tighter.
      Suddenly his choked and pained voice sang to her, "Darlin.. when I
      think about you.. I think about love. Darlin.. If I live without
      you.. I live without love..." Jean let out a choked sob at the irony
      of the situation.
      "I can't live without you. I don't know how." She cried into his
      chest. He lifted her head with his finger. "You'll learn. You are the
      strongest person I've ever known. Just never forget... I love you..."
      His voice choked and he gritted his teeth against a crashing stream
      of ferocious pain.
      "I'll always love you... Please fight death Scott... please don't let
      "It's hard, Jean... it hurts so much..." He gasped for breathe and
      let go a sob.
      In the hallway they heard the running of stretcher wheels and the
      mutant clinic's paramedics. "Scott... they're coming... Scott?" Her
      voice broke and she shook him, "SCOTT! Don't die now.. they're right
      The paramedics burst into the room, going straight to Cyclops' prone
      form. "...love... you..." Scott's visor light faded into nothing as
      his eyes slowly sagged shut.


      Jean sat in the small room, staring at the ceiling. The watermarks
      were hardly interesting, but she found that anything could be
      mystifying when you're trying to get your mind off of something. The
      clinics 'private room' was a small, to say the least. Only large
      enough to fit equipment around someone.
      "Scott? I know you can hear me, baby. You'd better wake up, or I'll
      have to beat you down." She meagerly joked with herself, but her
      watering eyes dulled the effect. "Come on, I know you're still alive
      in there, and I fully intend to drag you out... you promised to go
      for a ride on your bike, remember?"
      The door opened and the doctor walked in. "Oh, hello, Dr. Grey. I
      didn't realize anyone was in here. I'm just checking his status."
      "Same as always. Low BP, oxygen level is fine, still... still..." she
      tried to finish the sentence without tearing up, and settled for "...
      holding his own. The doctor, noticing her distress, tried vaguely to
      help her, "But I see that he's getting stronger. Perhaps we could
      even take out the oxygen tubing tomorrow."
      "Yeah..." Jean said, glancing down at her hand to the sparkling
      engagement ring. The doctor quietly ducked out, and Jean silently
      thanked him for picking up on her signs that she wanted to be alone.
      Outside of the room, Dr. Geski looked into the questioning faces of
      the rest of his patients 'family'. "Well, they're not much to say,
      really. His wounds are healing... but I'm concerned that it's not
      fast enough. During the..." Geski flipped through his
      charts, "..fight he was in? The person rebroke a few ribs, one of
      which nearly punctured his right lung. All things considered, I think
      it would be better if he stayed comatose... he's going to be in a lot
      of pain if he wakes up any time soon."
      "If I know Scott, I know he'd rather be awake, anyway." Xavier said
      fondly, his face still stony as ever. Wolverine stood in the corner,
      trying to act impartial. How could I have let this happen? How could
      I just... just... almost kill him? Logan thought horrified.
      Jean slowly came out of the room, wiping at her face furiously, never
      one to show weakness, a trait she had adapted from Scott. "You all
      don't have to be here, you know." she said quietly.
      "Yes, Jean, we do." Rogue spoke up, sitting quietly on the stiff
      couch in the small hallway.
      "Thanks, anyway." Jean moved over to the couch, sitting down softly.
      Xavier wheeled over to sit near her. "He will make it through this,
      Jeannie. He's strong"
      "Only Scott calls me that..." her voice seemed disembodied, floating
      through space, "How many times has he been strong, though? In the
      last few months, he's been on the brink of death more times than most
      people are in three lifetimes! How many more times can he be strong?"
      Her voice started strong, but quickly dwindled into squeaked words
      that the rest had to strain to understand. From inside the room, they
      heard a muffled coughing noise. In Jean's mind, she felt the flooding
      of life and memories. She leapt from the couch, seeing that Dr. Geski
      was already on his way.
      "Scott? Scott!" she was overjoyed at seeing his head rolling on the
      pillow, trying to get his bearings, "Don't move to much, the doctor
      is coming." He tried to mumble something as she hovered above him and
      stroked his forehead. Geski came in, and in a few seconds had the
      tubing out.
      "What were you trying to say?" she asked.
      "You _are_ a doctor!" he rasped. She chuckled and handed him a glass
      of water. Faltering a bit, she held the straw to his lips and cleared
      his throat, "How'd I do?"
      "You lived, basically. Windstrom is dead... I'm sure everyone feels
      so much remorse over that son of a bitch." her voice grew icy and he
      touched her hand softly, "Hey, I'm still here, aren't I?"
      "Yeah, you're too damn stubborn." Jean smiled and ruffled his
      hair, "Not that I'm saying it's a bad thing."
      "Hey.. you said you liked my being stubborn.." he started before
      Xavier came in, all smiles. "Nice to see you mobile."
      "Nice to _be_ mobile." Scott pointed out.
      "I think it's safe to say that you'll be decommissioned for a while?"
      Professor said with amusement.
      "Ah, just a little while." Scott caught the sharp glance from
      Jean, "Okay, I longer while, okay?"
      Unnoticed, Wolverine came around the doorway, coughing "whipped" at
      him. Scott looked up at him and smiled, "Hello, Logan. Even though
      I'm in a drug induced haze, I still know what you said I intend to
      beat yer ass later."
      "I'm sure you will." Logan said, though a pang of guilt still went
      through him seeing the x-man hung up in a hospital bed.
      "Hey... no hard feelings against making me return of the mummy again,
      okay?" Scott tried to lighten the situation, knowing damn well that
      Wolverine was guilty about ramming him through the gut with his claws.
      "Yeah... no hard feelings about frying my arm, either." Logan said,
      twisting his arm sorely, "Damn, those eye beams hurt like a bitch
      even with a heal factor."
      Jean snickered a bit and the Professor turned back to the two, "I'd
      better get back to the school, now that you're awake. Jean, feel free
      to stay here."
      "I doubt I'd listen if you told me to leave." she said seriously.
      "Yeah, I'm gonna go too... ya know... leave the two lovebirds
      alone..." Logan sang out and walked out of the room, 'accidentally'
      hitting the doorstop and it slid closed.
      "Damn right." Scott muttered, finding Jean's hand again, "Love you."
      "You better." Although she couldn't see his eyes, she caught his
      thoughts, "You know I love you too."
      "Yeah, but it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling when I hear it." he
      She put her head on the pillow next to his, kissing his
      forehead. "That can't be a comfortable position." Scott decided.
      "Yeah... but you're here... at least that makes it better. You need<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)