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2711OT: Medicine Wheel site announcement (Min's fanfic)

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  • Minisinoo Girl
    May 2, 2001
      The Medicine Wheel has a whole new look!

      The old site outgrew itself a while ago and I've been
      wanting to redesign it. After much work (largely on
      the part of Puguita), the site has undergone a *major*
      overhaul. Puguita (webmistress for the Red Shades
      Cyke Archive, as some of you know) has done just
      AMAZING things with the new graphics. I'm terribly
      flattered and pleased. (If you like her work, thank
      her, not me. <g>)

      No new fiction, alas, but I hope you'll visit to see
      the new look. PLEASE let me know if any of the links
      fail to work. I tried to check them all, but
      sometimes we miss one. :)

      (For the few of you who may have the main fanfiction
      menu bookmarked instead of the splash page, this time,
      go through the URL address above to see the new pretty
      image on the splash page.)

      Mitakuye oyasin,

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