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2538Somewhat Damaged 18/?

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  • Swampfoetus@aol.com
    Apr 6 2:53 PM
      Logan came through the dorr after she knocked over the CDs. Rogue was
      crouched under a mamoth poster of Trent Reznor. Bits of chewy severed tissue
      was scattered around her accompanied by the tool she'd used.

      "Fuck," crossing the distance and knelling before the quivering mass of girl.
      The pupil of her chartruse eyes were swollen as if soaked in Belladonna.
      Glitter dappled her face and reminants of the makeup she'd worn to the
      concert were trailing down her face in angry smudges marked her face.

      "They're under mah skin" Rogue whispered pleadingly.

      "What?" Confused, Logan lifted her to her feet by her arms. "What's going on,
      darlin?" Shit. He couldn't deal with a teenager breaking down, especially
      this one. Storm was acting as chaperone for the other students on vaction in
      Palm Beach and the Proffesser was still in DC for the Rights Conference.
      Fuck. This was far from good.

      She was sitting again swatting at her arms, sobbing.

      "Shut up, please?" damnit he knew Xavier should have tried to clear her mind.
      Too many people. Not enouh space. "Do you think they'll eat me all up?" She
      asked looking at him crying still. "What would they put in the grave then?"
      She was walking on the balls of her feet, hidden by the flare of her jeans
      hem, only to fall over when her shuttering increased.

      "Rogue, darlin', what did you take?" no responce came, she was now curled in
      a foetal postition. Crouching down again, "Come on kid, I need to know so I
      can fix this." She opened her eyes through the net of hair that obscured her

      "Gwen gave them to me, but *they're* here now and they had to have been
      before, cause Ah went swimming and they got in it's just Ah only now know

      "Gwen gave you what?" Gwen was a pink haired mutant Rogue knew outside of her
      school. Logan made a mental note to shred her. Rogue tried to sit up, knees
      drawn in and poking through the tears in the old jeans. He reached over to
      rub her cheek. " Do you know what's going on? Can you tell me?"

      "Ah want mah motha" she stated through phlemey sobs, "But she don't want me"

      "Hey, come one kid." He gathered her up without protest, "She doesn't but I

      "Promise?" he blinked realizing what he'd said.

      "Yeah, I do, now do you know how to fix this?" She shook her head against his

      "Cold" she whimpered.

      "Okay," he pulled her up onto the high bed with little trouble. Then turned
      off the lamp before following her in. She was curled facing him in the dark.

      "Can you swim?" she asked.

      "What the hell kinda question is that?"

      "It's so dark, we'll drown and I can't remember how." The scariest part he
      thought was that she was serious.

      "The bed'll float he rumbuled back and recieved a swift nod before falling

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