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2249friendly world-choice correction

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  • Minisinoo Girl
    Mar 3, 2001
      I've now noticed two specific word-choice errors
      across several stories by several different authors,
      so I'm not "picking on" anyone. (Before anyone even
      *thinks* about taking this personally and getting up
      in arms. <g>) This isn't an invitation for a general
      grammar pet peeve free-for-all, but these two errors
      are causing me (and no doubt others) some confusion
      when reading stories. As neither is a single-author
      problem, I'm posting (with apologies) to the list

      I've now seen several stories where this word is used
      to refer to a facial expression. "Statement" is not
      the correct word. I realize that a number of fanfic
      writers do not speak English as their native language,
      and as someone who speaks a couple herself, this looks
      to me like a simple translation error. We can make
      verbal statements and have verbal expressions. But a
      'statement' is not something our faces wear. :)
      "Expression" is the correct word. I suppose you could
      *use* statement in the right metaphorical context, but
      every time I hit this in a story, it throws me.

      "accept" versus "except"
      They sound similar when spoken aloud. They mean
      near-diametrical opposites. "Accept" is to agree with
      or include. "Except" is to exclude or divide from.
      Using the wrong word makes you say the opposite of
      what you mean. Sometimes, the confusion (and real
      intent) is obvious. Sometimes, it *isn't*. Beware.

      Cheers, apologies, and returning us all to our
      regularly-scheduled fanfic....

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