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2228Somwhat Damaged 4/?

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  • Swampfoetus@aol.com
    Mar 1, 2001
      Dedicated yet again to Dark Ferret and of course to the wonderful Emerald
      Spike. You rock baby and so does your feed back!- Cordelia

      Rogue liked pool. It was a good way to concentrate on something other than
      what you needed to.

      Jakob Pike had taught her how to play in his basement rec room. Jakob was a
      death rocker who played gutair in a band and lived across the street from her
      and Irene's home.

      The rec room had a fully operational wet bar, which the two utilized quite
      often, though somehow Jakob's father Colonel Pike never seemed to notice his
      missing alcohol, even though the Colonel ran his house strict. Jakob had
      still found plenty of room to rebel against his father and for the most part
      got away with it, til he caught him in the rec room with his pants down with
      the Lauder's boy.

      Jakob hid out in Rogue's room for a few hours looking out the window
      occasionally waiting for the lights in the house to go out, then descended
      out the window to sneak back in to get his stuff. They'd made a plan to head
      a little further south to New Orleans. Jakob knew a guy still that he'd met
      when his father was posted there. Only a three hour drive, but he'd said even
      if they got lost they'd have fun on the way.

      Jakob didn't come back from the house, and Colonel Pike was charged with
      murder of a minor, the authorities hauled him off to Biloxi, and Rogue didn't
      go anywhere. Until the following week when her mutation emerged.

      But she didn't head south as planned, Darkholme scooped her up and began her
      on heavy training. She now wondered if she should have stuck to the original
      plan and found the friend himself. Talked to him on the phone once. Nice guy
      ,sweet talker, but Rogue didn't get much of that. Her stick struck the cue
      and several balls clicked into the pockets.

      She leaned against the stick with her hip cocked to the right as her opponent
      took his shot. She grinned at his final performance. "Good, but it ain'y good
      enough, sugah" She collected her money with a saccharine sweet smile cast
      upon cupid bow lips. Tonight's shade of choice was vampire wine. How apt she
      thought wondering why she even bought the berry shade of lipstick to begin
      with, vampires drink the life out of you I just get to suck it out.

      "You wanna play again, sweetheart?" Her grin grew, they always came back for
      more and she always got paid. Well there were less reputable means of
      aquiring money.

      "Maybe lata sugah, gal's gotta eat"

      Logan glanced at her from under an oil skin hat, cigar in mouth. Then keeping
      cerulean coloured eyes downcast as she made her way to the booth behind him.
      Catching a breif whif of the gingerlily oil she lightly wore through the
      cigar smoke as she resumed eating her previously abandoned buffalo wings. He
      grabbed his beer mug twisted and sat down at her booth facing her.

      Sorry it's short- Cordelia

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