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2023Admin: OT posts

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  • aericura
    Feb 4, 2001
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      Hey all,

      Now I think it's been mentioned here before, but I'm going to mention it
      again with a quick addition this time in the hopes of keeping things well on
      track. Here on XMMFF, which is starting to dance towards the 600 member
      mark (WOW!), OT posts, unless REALLY REALLY necessary, should not be put
      here, and if you really want to put it to the list, send it to one of your
      fearless list moderators beforehand for the go-ahead. We're a rather busy
      list as is, and since it's fanfic based, there's not much space for
      discussion (for that, go to xmenmoviefanficdisc. I think that's the right
      name....:)), so please, watch what you post here.

      And, for everyone's information, we have eGroups (oh, I mean YahooGroups
      *sigh*) automatically dump any attachments that are sent to XMMFF,
      accidental or otherwise, as a safety measure. Alot of it is because of the
      virus risk-- we like to have a safe haven for our fic habit. But... if
      you're sending fic to this list via an attachment, it's obviously not
      getting through either, so pretty please with mutant DNA on top, cut and
      paste, cut and paste.

      Anyhoo, carry on. fanfic good. :)

      co-mod, XMMFF, LRFC, FKp... oh, never mind....

      "And if you even *think* about thanking me for saving your ass, I swear I'll
      implant my best home-made nightmares in your brain for the rest of your
      natural existence." -Marvel Girl, Ultimate X-Men #2
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