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2018Fic: Romance 1/7 (L/S, J/S)

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  • Jemisard
    Feb 3, 2001
      Title: Romance

      Author: Jemisard

      Fandom: X-Men movie verse

      Paring: Logan/Scott, implications of Jean/Storm

      Rating: NC17 for sure.

      Status: Complete, new

      Archive: If you ask nicely :)

      E-mail address for feedback: kalika@...

      Series/Sequel: Possibly. There is a PWP set after this, but no continuation
      of stroy lines.

      Disclaimers: They aren¹t mine. You know that. I¹m just borrowing them.

      Notes:Thanks to Hanofer, Lee, Peja and Taryn, who host my work, and Lythias,
      who got me into this fandom. Thanks all. Also, I must thank Erika, who gave
      me the idea for this, in a conversation, and said that she wanted to see a
      romantic Logan, no candle lit dinners. I thought he'd offer to kill people
      that you don't like, but anyway..........
      So, now that I've finished, I have an extra to add. Erika, once again, you
      have been a wonderful, supportive, loveing and helpful friend. You kept me
      writing when I was going to throw it in and kept begging for more.

      This story is just for you, its number one fan. :)

      Summary: Logan is going to prove he can be romantic.

      Warnings:Violence, adult themes, hints of noncensual slash sex, explitict
      consensual slash, stupidity. I think that's all.

      Logan threw his cup into the sink and turned on his heel. "What am I doing
      wrong, Red? What the hell do I do?"

      Jean sighed and levitated her cup over to the sink and ran water into it.
      "Logan, what have you been trying?"

      He shrugged. "I dunno, thin's. Movies, restaurants, breakfast in bed.
      Everything! I still keep gettin' the cold shoulder!"

      Logan's claws whipped out and he embedded them in the counter. "I don't

      Jean lay her hands on his shoulders and rubbed. "Logan, calm down. Losing
      your temper isn't going to help."

      Logan took a deep breath and turned around to look Jean in the eye. "Help
      me, Red, I don't know what to do. No one's ever been so hard to get fer me.
      I've not had to chase someone before, Red, I'm usually not interested, and
      havin' ter get rid o' 'em."

      Jean laughed. "Do you have any ideas? Interests? Inklings that might be

      Logan slapped his head. "If I knew, I wouldn't be askin' ya!"

      "Don't yell, Logan. Well, try small things first. Notes, poetry, maybe a
      single rose?"

      Logan scowled. "Yer no help. That's what a woman wants, not a man."

      Jean put away her cup. "Well, I'm just trying to help. If you don't want it,
      forget I said anything. I'm going to bed."

      "Say night ter Ro fer me."

      Jean raised an eyebrow at him. "I will, Logan. Night."

      He watched her go, and banged his head on the bench. How the hell did you go
      about romancing Scott Summers?

      "Bobby Drake, what is the chemical formula for photosynthesis?"

      Bobby blinked and looked at his teacher, who was undeniably glaring from
      behind those glasses. "Umm, water plus nutrients with sunlight becomes
      glucose and carbon?"

      Mr Summers sighed. "Chemical formula, Bobby. Chemical."

      Bobby chewed his lip. "I have no idea. Sorry."

      "Kitty. Chemical formula for photosynthesis?"

      "Six H2O plus six CO2 with sunlight becomes C6H12O6 plus six O2."

      "Thank you. What sort of respiration is involved in this, Rogue?"

      "Aerobic, Mistuh Summers." She drawled.

      "Very good. John, what is the by product of anaerobic respiration in animals
      and in plants."

      He looked around, slightly panicky. "Um, lactic acid in animals and, um,"

      "Alcohol, bub. Plants produce alcohol."

      Scott looked up and over to the door. "Can I help you, Wolverine, or do you
      want to join the class?"

      Logan raised an eyebrow. "Think I'll skip that offer, slim. I was wondering
      where the keys were?"

      Scott glared at him. "Well hidden. Did you interrupt my class to ask for the
      keys of my bike?"

      Logan rocked on heels. "Yep."

      "Class, books open to page one hundred and nineteen, and read the next five
      pages on cellular construction."

      He strode to the door and pushed Logan out ahead of him. He shut the door
      and turned to him. "Logan, what the hell do you want?"

      He smiled and leant with his hands on either side of Scott's head, and
      pressed his lips to Scott's.

      Scott shoved him backwards, and delivered a straight blow to Logan's jaw.
      "Where the hell do you get off, Wolverine, doing that to me?"

      "C'mon, slim, throw me a line. What do yer want me to do?" He pressed
      against the slim body. "I'm dyin' fer ya, gimme a clue."

      Scott pushed him back. "I have a class, Logan." He opened the door and
      slipped through, shutting it after him. Logan swore and smashed his fist
      into the wall. That wasn't the way to do it.

      The class watched their teacher expectantly, as he walked back to his desk
      and sat down. "Right, what are the mitochondria? Jubilee."

      "Umm, powerhouses for the cells." Jubilee smiled. "Right?"

      "Yes, right. Now, what is different between, say, our cells and those of a
      typical human?"

      No hands went up, as usual. Scott sighed and launched into an explanation,
      trying to will away the headache that had developed between the class and

      Life went on as normal.

      Logan sat in the lab, swinging his legs over the edge of the table. "Please,
      Jeannie, I need help."

      "Possibly medical, but I really don't know." She came out of her office and
      set down the test tubes. "Ro might be able to you, maybe. She's usually
      quite good at understanding people like Scott."

      "Anal retentive and arrogant?" Logan scowled.

      "My, really sounds like you love him," Jean laughed. "Get out of here, go
      talk to Ro."

      He slid off the table and paced out. As he reached the door, he turned back
      with a worried look. "Are ya sure he's, ya know, interested?"

      Jean lay her hands on his shoulders gently. "Logan, Scott's a strange
      person. He might not admit it to anyone, but he's very interested in you."
      She looked him in the eye. "And, you're a fool if you don't try. He just, he
      does things his own way. What works on most people won't work on Scott. He's
      been hurt, and you have prove yourself to him, that you really are

      Logan snorted. "Be better off tryin'a charm a rock than ol' granite heart."

      She punched his shoulder lightly. "Keep thinking. You'll work something

      She watched him leave and sighed. "God, I hope you work something, you two
      are driving me nuts."

      Bobby held up his fists uncertainly. "Like this?"

      Scott shook his head. "Bobby, be sure. All you need to show is confidence.
      It doesn't matter that you might not have it perfect, you're just starting.
      You have to be confident before anything else."

      Bobby sighed. "How can I be confident when I'm doing it wrong?"

      "How can you do it right if you expect to fail?"

      Bobby sighed and mimicked his teacher. "Like that?"

      "Better." Scott punched forwards and drew back sharp. "Okay?"

      Bobby followed his movements with relatively little trouble. He grinned.
      "Hey, I got it!"

      "I told you you could do it, if you stopped complaining and started

      Bobby grinned. "That's way cool. Can we another lot?"

      "Not today. I have the rest of the class to do. Tomorrow, I'll go through
      the next group with you."

      Bobby bounced out the door. "Thanks, Mr Summers!"

      Scott shook his head. Kids.

      //They aren't that much younger than you, Scott.//

      Scott smiled and leant against the wall, letting gravity work on him. //I
      know, they just seem so young. Was I ever that young?//

      //Not while I knew you. Life had already taken its price on you.//

      Scott nodded, reflecting on that time. He'd been sixteen when Xavier found
      him, eight years ago. Blind, terrified, he shuddered at the memory.

      //It's gone now, though.//

      "Yeah, it's gone." Scott pulled off his visor and opened his bottle, letting
      the water run over his face before sliding the visor back on.

      "Mistuh Summers?"

      He looked over at Rogue. "Come in. We were up to the fourth level groups?"

      She nodded, pulling her sleeves down further over her gloves. "I have my
      test on Wednesday, with Miss Grey."

      He nodded. "So, we need to get in as much as we can today. Ready?"

      She took up her fighting stance. "Ready."

      Logan watched the students come in one by one and leave again. He watched
      for six hours straight, as Scott took each student through the exact set of
      moves they had reached, collected homework where students had thought he'd
      forgotten and told each one when their test would be.

      He didn't have the patience to do that. He'd probably let them run wild,
      throw 'em to the wolves and see who comes back again.

      He turned his attention back to the window. John was one of the more
      advanced students, meaning he had progressed to actually fighting an
      opponent, not just mimicking moves. They were sparring with each other,
      pulling punches and that sort of thing.

      Scott was calmly blocking John's moves, refusing to fight back. It was
      starting to infuriate the student, his face was red from exertion and
      impatience. He did a roundhouse kick, only to be grabbed by the ankle and
      twisted onto his stomach, leg bent behind him. Scott twisted slightly, and
      John gasped. "Don't try that on someone who is taller than you, unless you
      know you can pull it off. Leaves you too vulnerable."

      John rolled onto his feet again. "Why won't you fight back?"

      Scott went to answer, but John attacked, lunging forwards, only to be
      sidestepped and grabbed again, his arms twisted behind him.


      Logan looked around, quickly relaxing. //Yeah, Chuck?//

      //There's a disturbance at the West fence, could you check on it?//

      Logan stood up with a sigh and a grimace. Six hours was way too long to be
      sitting down. //Sure thing, Chuck.//

      He glanced downwards once more, to where John had finally managed to get a
      grip on Scott and was trying, unsuccessfully, to flip him over.

      Logan chuckled and left.

      When he got back to the house, the smell of burnt flesh meet his nose, but
      only lightly. There'd been no problem at the fence, meaning that John had
      probably nearly incinerated someone. Again.

      He grabbed Rogue as she walked past. "Hey, who got burnt?"

      She swallowed. "Mistuh Summers. John over heated and lost control. He's been
      really upset about the whole thing, but Mistuh Summers is being real nice
      about it all."

      Logan shook his head. "Damn bub. You know where he is?"

      "Who?" Rogue blinked and stared at him. "Oh, uh, he went to his office, I

      Logan grinned at her and jogged off. "Thanks, sweetheart."

      She watched him go. "You're welcome, Logan."

      Logan paced along the halls silently, hoping to catch Scott unawares. He
      reached the wooden door, there was nothing written on it, but he learnt long
      ago where the office was.

      The smell of burnt skin was a bit stronger, but so was antiseptic. He leant
      against the door slightly, surprised when it swung open.

      He peered into the room. The desk was up the back, and the curtains were
      drawn. He let his eyes refocus in the dim light, quickly seeing Scott
      sitting on his desk, glasses on, papers in his hand.

      As Logan watched, he reached into the bowl next to him and pulled out
      something, quickly popping it into his mouth with a slight smile. He thumbed
      through the pages, wincing slightly. Logan glanced at his hands, red and
      slightly blistered, but not badly hurt. They had thin, plastic like stuff
      over them, it looked like he was wearing very tight surgical gloves.

      Scott reached into the bowl again, frowning when he reached it. Without
      looking up from the papers, he leant back and grabbed a bag from his draw,
      tipping something into bowl again.

      Chocolate. Logan nearly laughed. He knew that smell anywhere. More than
      chocolate, it was liquorice bullets.

      Scott chewed another of the sweets, before handing the bowl out towards the
      door. "You want one?"

      Logan blinked. He hadn't realised that Scott had seen him. He walked in and
      took one, biting it in half. "Thanks, slim."

      "You want something?" Scott finally looked up from his papers, leaning back
      slightly to look Logan in the face.

      "Ya okay? I heard 'bout John losin' it."

      "I'm fine. I've been burnt before." He closed his eyes, and the light in the
      room reduced. "Just an inconvenience."

      Logan smiled and leant in. "So, yer wanna go fer a ride tonight?" The
      implications were clear.

      "I have work to do, Logan." Scott managed to slip out from under Logan and
      walked around his desk, placing it between them. "Maybe some other time?"

      Logan sighed and turned for the door. "Yeah. Some other time."

      "Ro, I need help! He ain't givin' me anythin' to work with!"

      Ororo sighed and pulled out another weed. "I don't know, have you tried
      romantic things? Unsigned notes? Maybe leaving a rose at his door?"

      Logan handed her the bucket and pulled out a cigar. "Ya think it'll work? He
      weren't too happy when I tried breakfast in bed."

      She started laughing. "I'm not all that surprised, that's an amazingly, uh,
      how do I put this, that is the sort of thing you do when you are in a
      relationship, it's romantic then. It isn't romantic when someone you aren't
      involved with leaves breakfast in bed when you aren't in it. It's creepy."

      Logan sighed. "I'm tryin'!"

      "Very." She pulled off her gloves and sunglasses. "Have tried talking to
      him? Everything you've mentioned to me has, well, undertones. Have you tried
      something without sub text implications?"

      He stared at her. "Whacha mean?"

      "You know what I mean, Logan! You aren't stupid, despite trying to pretend
      to be. Have you tried do anything without hinting at sex?"

      Logan was taken aback by Ororo's frankness. "No."

      "You're doing things the way that you would prefer to have them done. You
      need to think about what he wants, what he might like."

      Logan leant back. What would Scott like?

      It was two in the morning. Logan flicked out his claws and dug them into the
      side of the building. He carefully swung and clambered his way up the side
      of the mansion, eyes firmly locked on the window on the top floor.

      Trust Cyke to have a room up the top where's it's hard to reach.

      He finally managed to grab hold of the sill. He pulled himself onto it and
      rested for a moment. He carefully lay the dark bud on the sill and lowered
      himself from the window again.

      His hand slipped on the ice forming. He grabbed at it frantically, but still

      He hit the ground and lay there, panting. Man, did that hurt. Still, it
      should all be worth it.

      Logan fell asleep where he lay. His hips were still out of place after ten
      minutes, so he cracked them back in and decided that it was quite a nice
      night to sleep outside.

      He walked into the dining room, rubbing the stiffness out of him. Eyes
      followed him, and Bobby started laughing. He spun to look at him. "What yer
      laughin' at, bub?"

      "Nothing, sir." Bobby quickly choked out.

      Logan sat down and gratefully took the plate of food that was offered to him
      by Ororo. She smiled at him. "Hard night?"

      He nodded, digging into the food. Rogue leant over and smiled. "Yah got it
      bad for Mistuh Summers," she whispered.

      He choked. "Rogue!"

      She giggled. "It's okay, no one else knows."

      Scott walked in, and the room hushed over. Logan turned and looked at him,
      clutching the single rose bud to his chest, a smile playing over those full
      lips. He sauntered over to Logan and leant down next his ear, lips so close
      he could feel the warmth of his breath.

      "Thank you."

      He pressed a soft kiss to Logan's cheek and disappeared out to the kitchen.
      Logan was suddenly aware of everyone staring at him, and flushed a deep red,
      staring at his food.

      He was amazed at how much that single kiss and made him feel. Maybe this
      seduction thing wasn't so bad after all. It was, although painful, kind of

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