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188Mary Sue...Why?

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  • Kate Andrews
    Aug 2 3:31 PM
      As a writer who's never felt the urge to write a Mary Sue, I'm curious as to
      what compells you? This isn't intended as a jab, but an honest question.

      It's a bit of a cliche that most new writers tend towards the
      autobiographical at first, but it is true, so I understand that bit. Hell,
      I've got some stories that are lifted almost whole cloth from my life. The
      nature of Fan fiction, however, is using other creators' characters and
      situations then running with them. I've spent hours debating the creativity
      of FF with my mom (a published author), and she keeps asking me if I have
      the urge to write my own characters. Right now, no.

      This is rambling a bit, I know, but I'd love to hear everybody's opinions.
      Do you Mary Sue on purpose? Do you ever catch yourself Mary Sueing with an
      original character? Is Mary Sue always derogotory in your mind? Does it
      apply only to badly written author substitutes who are smarter than Worf and
      bed Picard? Or is it any new original character that bears a resemblance to
      the author? Do you like reading Mary Sues, or just like writing them?

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