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  • KevinFawkes@aol.com
    Jan 18, 2001
      I'm working my way thru the archive on the stories. Here's some of my
      thoughts on what I've read so far.

      Almost a Lady by Misty: Alarmingly wonderful. Such tenderness. Made me
      think of an old jazz/blues song I once heard. Full of muted trumpet and
      drowsy trombone. Southern belle type stuff, I guess. What a wonderful
      coming home/birthday story.

      Maybe Someday by CD: I would love to know if you're working on this. Like I
      said, I've not made it far through the archive yet (up to message 95.) and I
      know I would love to read more of this. It's a good intro that I found here.
      Excellent angsty especially about the Moon.

      Reflections by Elizabeth: Oh my. OMG. It read like poetry and was like a
      little cold sliver of ice in my throat. So sad. To get into Logan's head so
      neatly and not be able to find my way back out. But...it's not too bad
      because I have to thank you for writing that. It's so awe-inspiring. Wow.
      I got teary at the end. Got any more???

      That Remarkable Mettle by Indigo: Good work. Easy to fill in the blanks
      with the mental work that *had* to have been going on in the movie. You did
      a good job with the expressions and the characterization.

      Touch Me Fall by Elizabeth Wilde: Don't I know your name from somewhere?
      Oh, yeh. My sister (who's a heck of a professional-in-life writer) has some
      of your writings printed out from another fandom. Good stuff, if I recall.
      Just like this. I really liked the knowledge of Rogue waking in the
      infirmary and knowing that what she was feeling for Jean was really
      Logan...and understanding it.

      Fatal Caress by Melissa: And my heart broke. It shattered and melted and
      puddled in my keyboard keys. Hot... And have you written any more of
      anything? Gosh. I mean, I feel like I've just been pulled through a wringer
      washing machine. This was amazing, just like the other stuff I've read here.
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