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1762(Fic)Two Cajuns and Star Crossed Lovers (Prolongue/?)

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  • KelStarOwl@aol.com
    Jan 6, 2001
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      Title:Two Cajuns and Star Crossed Lovers(Pro/?)
      Author: Kel (kel starowl@...)
      Pairing: Logan/Rogue
      Rating: PG-13 For Language and violence
      Summary: New students come to mutant high,one of them helps Rogue when she
      really needs it.
      Disclaimer: marvel and fox own them(sigh).Lufy and hime belong to moi(me) but
      anyone can use them just give me credit.
      Notes: hime looks simlar to kunckles of sonic the hedgehog but more human.
      Two Cajuns and Star Crossed Lovers

      The mansion had become quite in the time Logan had left to find his past in
      the time he had been gone rogue had drawn into herself away from just about
      everyone save for a few like her roommates and a new girl who had come there
      along with a young man both from new Orleans. The girl could float but it was
      uncontrolled and could not be except with weighted shoes that she did not
      have to wear when on the estate. It was surprising that the floating was one
      part of her mutation the whole of her mutation astonished the others her deep
      empathy was shocking you could not lie to her for she read your bio
      vibrations but she blocked out feelings of others most of the time but if she
      wanted to feel what a person was feeling she could open a single link with
      that person she had done this with rogue so when rouge was feeling lonely the
      girl named Lufy would be with her. As the time passed Lufy became the only
      link rogue seemed to have to ! sanity. The boy who had come with her was named
      Remy lebuea a.k.a. Gambit and he was protective of her but she didn't let him
      control her life.