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173FF "First Sight: View 1" [Scott/Jean, Xavier] PG

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  • Elizabeth Wilde
    Aug 1, 2000
      Author: Elizabeth Wilde
      Title: First Sight: View 1
      http://www.geocities.com/aloysiusj/xfic.html, anyone
      who already has my fic, anyone who asks me
      Disclaimer: I don't own it. Duh. I'm not making any
      money from it. For Goddess' sake, don't sue me!
      'Ship: Jean/Scott
      Rating: PG
      Spoilers: Nothing, really. I made it up. No history,
      no cannon--it's all in my head. If that bothers you,
      don't read it. So there! ;)
      Feedback: Please! wilde_moon@...
      NOTES: If you wanna see the cool pic I made to go
      with it, check out
      I'm proud of me.

      "First Sight: View 1"

      View 1

      //Jean, bring the glasses you made into my office,

      Smiling at the gentle voice inside her head,
      20-year-old Jean Grey smiled. //Right away,
      Professor.// Making glasses to contain the powers of
      their newest student had proved a welcome challenge
      for the young woman, and she looked forward to seeing
      the results of her labor. As Jean made her way to
      Professor Xavier's office, she wondered what it had
      been like for the boy--Scott--to live with his eyes
      closed. It hadn't taken long for Xavier to hear of
      his powers and bring him to the school, but even a
      month living in darkness sounded like an eternity.

      The door opened to reveal the professor behind his
      desk, an attractive but weary-looking young man in the
      chair opposite. "I brought them." She moved to stand
      in front of Scott and then leaned down, awkwardly
      attempting to put the glasses on. His hands rose to
      assist her and Jean stepped back. Their fingers
      touched briefly and Jean forced herself not to gasp
      aloud. Despite the dark circles under his tightly
      closed eyes and the resigned lack of expression on his
      face, he seemed to surge with power, confidence. //I
      see what you meant when you said he was special,

      //Indeed. I thought you might.// Jean caught the
      passing flicker of a smile on his face.

      "You can open your eyes now," Jean urged quietly.
      "It's okay."

      Scott hesitated. "You're sure these work?"


      Jean knew the moment his eyes opened because a slow
      smile stretched his lips and he looked as though a
      huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders. "I've
      never been so happy to have my eyes open."

      Catching the underlying admiration behind the words
      and knowing he was staring directly at her, Jean felt
      her cheeks flush and looked briefly down at her hands.
      "I told you they'd work."

      The professor suddenly sat up straighter. "Forgive
      me, I haven't formally introduced you yet. Jean Grey,
      this is Scott Summers, Scott, Jean Grey, the first
      student ever brought here."

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