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162Re: [xmenmoviefanfic] Re: FIC: Outside Looking In (Scott, Logan) G (1/1)

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  • Phoenix Fire
    Aug 1, 2000

      > Hi there. It says in your archiving rights that people can archive your
      > stories, so I"m just writing to say that I REEEEALY want to, and will if
      > it's okay with you. You write fabulous stories and I love them all!

      Thank you! <glows> And yes, of course you can archive! You know, I never
      really understood why people limit their distribution. Okay, *maybe* I can
      see it if your a slasher and the people in your home town would crucify you
      if they found out, but for the rest of us... Fic is meant to be read, right?
      And the more places it is, the more people will find it and read it, right?
      That's all I needed to know. <grins>

      So, bottom line, please do. And thank you for letting me know the URL where
      they will be found.