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1541Fic: Hustle 2/3

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  • Sarita
    Dec 4, 2000
      For disclaimers ee part 1.

      Hustle (Cont:)

      Logan kept his face calm as his mind raced. Just `cos one-eye got
      girl didn't mean he got to get away from this evening without a
      little ritual humiliation in front of her. Maybe show her what she
      was missing. "What say we lay a little money on this " he
      suggested in an offhand manner, as if it didn't really matter anyway.
      He glanced over at Scott. "A real mans' game" he added with
      a grin.

      Scott shuffled his feet and glanced at Jean. Inwardly Logan crowed.
      He was going to take the bait as long as he thought red didn't
      disapprove. "I don't really think that's necessary Logan" he
      muttered, "but if it makes you happier – fine".

      "Fine" Logan smiled. "Let's say fifty bucks for the
      winner and a bottle of scotch. Ill even let you take the first shot."

      "I don't drink Scotch."

      "You ain't gonna win are you."

      Scott's' face set. "Fine – you're on."

      Jean smiled into her hand and shook her head. "I wouldn't do
      this if I were you Logan."

      "Red, I like you a lot but this is between us and he's
      willing." He smiled. " I promise not to hurt his pride too much

      Logan almost rubbed his hands together with glee as Scott broke the
      pack. He couldn't even hold the cue right. He dropped a colour,
      but that was more luck that skill and he proved that when he skewed
      the next shot wide of the pocket. "Don't worry slim, I'll
      make this as painless as possible". Logan stepped up to the table and
      grinned as he caught sight of Summers biting his lip anxiously. He
      deliberately took his time sinking a couple in a row before he got a
      little over confidant and missed an easy pot. Scott grinned like an
      idiot when he sunk his first shot but promptly fluffed the second.
      Logan looked at the table and the two girls, who had stopped what
      they were doing to watch the game. Even chuck was glancing in their
      direction. The table was set perfectly, no need for Summers to get
      near it again but he took his time anyway. He smiled as he watched
      realisation dawn on Scott's face as he sank the black. Scott slowly
      reached for his wallet looking a little shell-shocked. Never one to
      pass up the perfect opportunity Logan held his hand up in
      surrender. "Hell, slim you were just getting the hang of that. How
      about I give you a chance to even things up, win that money back,
      double or nothing?" He saw the indecision on the usually unflappable
      x-man's face and added the sucker punch. "Maybe you could use the
      money to buy something nice for Jeannie an I'll even let you go first

      Scott gave him a sharp look. The kid obviously thought something was
      up with Logan being a little too nice here. "Of course we'll
      have to sweeten the bet a little", Logan added, "just to give me a
      little incentive."

      "More than a hundred bucks!" Scott squeaked. "No way,
      Logan I'm not a total idiot."

      "Who said anything about more money. Let's say…I
      dunno….your bike"

      Scott stared at him like he'd grown a new head. "No way you
      are getting my bike on a damn bet" he answered coldly.

      Logan grinned back with all the charm of a predatory Tiger. "I
      don't want the pink slip pal, just to ride it whenever I want without
      you working yourself into a hissy fit whenever I borrow it. Course,
      if you wanna quit now when I'm offering you such a generous chance
      to look like a man in front of your girl", he gave Jean a sideways
      leer, "I can think of other ways to entertain myself this

      Contact. He had Summers and he knew it. There was just a little more
      blustering to come.

      "What the hell do I get out of this if I win?"

      Logan stared at him for a long moment then laughed. "Other than a
      hundred Bucks? How about I never take the bike again without asking
      you first?"

      "How about without my explicit permission?" Scott countered

      Logan thought about it for a long moment. "Okay – I can live
      with that."

      "and," Scott added as Logan began to turn away "you teach
      a class of my choice for the rest of this semester – and I mean
      actually teach it so those kids can pass the exams."

      "What the hell Summers, it's a deal." Logan racked up the
      balls again and looked around him. "Everyone heard the bet right,
      just so the kid don't welch when I beat him again."

      Jean, Ororo and the Professor stood a respectful distance from the
      pool table. Oddly enough they were all smiling. "Scott has never
      gone back on his word once given Logan" the professor assured the
      Canadian as he rested his chin on his hand to watch the scene with
      interest. "After all he never actually promised he wouldn't
      do this again" he added under his breath.