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1527Re: [xmenmoviefanfic] FEVER DREAMS!!!!!1 I NEED YOU!!!

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  • s.chester
    Dec 2, 2000
      I agree. I don't have to pay by the minute (thank God, or I would be broke by now! LOL), but I already unsubscribed to one E-group because nobody was willing to do ANYTHING off list and I was getting 200 new emails a day, 175 of which I had NO interest in reading. Discussions are fine for the list, stories of course are, but feedback should go directly to the author. If the author doesn't leave an email message to reply directly, they shouldn't be asking for feedback and clogging the lists with irrelevant messages. If they don't leave an email address, and you absolutely MUST leave feedback because a story moved you so much that you can't not leave feedback, would you at least cut out the story itself, and just send the feedback? I forget whose story it was, but somebody left feedback by just hitting reply and re-sent the entire story, just putting their feedback at the beginning. As someone who typically has slow internet connections, this is a pain in the you know where to have to download 40-80KB of story (again) just to see feedback. Also, when replying to a message, please please please cut out the irrelevant parts of the message. Please don't make me wade through six screens of previous posts just to read somebody saying "I agree". If you are replying to several points within a message, please snip the irrelevant parts and leave your response after each paragraph, leaving only the relevant parts intact. If you are just replying to the message in general (like I'm doing here) would it be too much to ask that the reply is BEFORE the message so we don't have to scroll all through the message just to see a response. A couple of the E-groups that I subscribe to go by the above criteria, and it's MUCH easier to read this way. Not to mention less clogging to everybody's inboxes. Thank you!!!! If  you want to flame me for saying this, go ahead, but do it off list at sl_chester@... Thanks. -Shannon
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      From: Molly
      Sent: Saturday, December 02, 2000 6:21 AM
      Subject: Re: [xmenmoviefanfic] FEVER DREAMS!!!!!1 I NEED YOU!!!


      As someone who has to pay By The Minute for email
      access, and has a rather short temper fuse right now,
      I would just *love* if messages like this could be
      sent directly to the author of the desired story. All
      but one of the however-many-people on this list can do
      *absolutely nothing* about the fact that you want more
      chapters. It has nothing to do with me and stuff like
      this wastes my time and money because I have to wait
      for the page to load, and I don't think it has any
      place on this list.

      Not to mention, if I were said author, outright
      demands for more would put me under undue stress and
      just piss me off. But that's me being oversensitive
      about my creative process.

      Molly, apologizing for the tone and probably about to
      get smacked by an admin

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