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1504Metafic: The Contract (1/1)

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  • Scary Sare
    Nov 30, 2000
      Title: Convos With My Muse: The Contract
      Author: Sare Liz, TeknoVamp@...
      Disclaimer: My muse is her own
      Archive: list, teknovamp.com, those who have the series

      Author's Note: Alright, I do feel a bit bad about the
      treatment of my muse in this fic. I have apologized, and
      being who she is, she didn't hold it against me. And my
      two muses are getting along just fine, currently bantering
      back and forth like brother and sister. All is well, I
      think. Besides the absolute innaneness of it all.


      Rule Number One:

      I will not look at Logan as if he is a sexual creature at
      all. I may indeed be a woman, and I may indeed at some
      point realize that Logan is a bedable man, but I will not
      give off any looks, ever, that might in anyway betray that

      Rule Number Two:

      I will not think of Logan as a sexual creature at all. I
      will not, unless required of me by some plot line in which
      Logan is a sexual creature in reference to a character that
      is not myself, but in fact most likely Marie, though
      possibly Scott, but probably not Ororo either.

      Addendum to Rule Two:

      I may think of Logan as a sexual creature, but I am
      forewarned that the thinking and any acting out of such
      thoughts will come with stiff penalties up to and including
      extreme angst, death and dismemberment, to be decided by my
      writer. I agree that if I have broken rule two according
      to my rights outlined in the addendum, I forfeit any
      natural rights to retribution, monetary or otherwise.

      Rule Number Three:

      I will not flirt with Logan, nor engage in any sexual or
      pseudo sexual behavior up to and including foreplay,
      masturbation, sex, or any variations thereof. I will
      adhere to this rule beyond all else, discouraging any
      behavior that might lead to the breaking of this rule, on
      pain of death.

      Rule Number Four:

      I recognize the fact that Scott and I are one of the
      Destined Couples of history, and you just don't fuck with
      that. If however, he feels the need to carry on the
      occasional affair with someone, say Marie for instance, I
      will have every right to do the same, so long as neither
      affair tears the relationship apart. I may not however,
      break rules one, two, or three in an effort to have said

      "Are you really sure all of this is necessary? I did tell
      you that I really don't think of him like that."

      I raised an eyebrow. Did she really think she was going to
      slide one by me? Who came to who, anyway? Did I ask her
      to be my muse? I wasn't the one who cued her up to knock
      on my door in the middle of betaing, sufficiently scaring
      the hell out of me.

      Hell no.

      She signed, or she could bloody well stand in the doorway
      every time Logan was around, which seemed to be a lot
      lately. I could hear Jubilee's commentary already, Jean a
      bonified muse having to stand outside the door, uninvited.
      Besides, it was fair warning. Now she knew I was serious.

      I mean, Logan knows I'd kick his ass, but I'd kill Jean.
      She knows I don't put up with that shit.

      Unsanctioned UST doesn't happen in this little orgy, oh no.
      For that matter, neither does RST.

      "Sign," I said with a smile. And she did.

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