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13Howdy! Friendly neighborhood archivist here...

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  • Kelly Kielle O'Guinn
    Jul 20, 2000
      Hmmmm...I don't see very many familiar faces on this list -- neat!
      I do like meeting new people! :) Hello, the name's Kielle! I
      ran into Kate on another list and she invited me to join this one.
      37 members already? Yow! That's fast!

      I'm afraid I don't have any moviefic in the works, but I do run a
      big fanfic hub at http://www.subreality.com/cfan.htm. I mention
      this not to plug my own site but to note that the latest addition
      to my collection of Subreality subsites is a brand-new moviefic
      archive at


      I love the idea of X-Men fanfic that anyone who watched the movie
      can enjoy without having to read backissues, and I'm definitely
      hunting for stories to archive there. Just so you folks know...

      To stir up conversation, I have to ask: as mentioned, I don't
      know many of you (and I know a LOT of comicficcers!), and the
      mention of Roswell fic makes me think that perhaps there's some
      people here who, until the movie, weren't really into x-Men fic.
      Out of sheer curiosity, what kinds of fanfic do y'all usually