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Re: Is there a place.....

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  • sincultura13
    Oops Sorry... My server has been acting up today... ... stations? ... it ... take ... had ... the ... are
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 31, 2003
      Oops Sorry... My server has been acting up today...

      --- In xl7@yahoogroups.com, "sincultura13" <sincultura13@y...> wrote:
      > Where I could download the patterns from the other command
      > I was thinking it be cool to use some of the templates on the mp-7
      > and px-7... I din't buy the Xl-7 for it pattern presets, I bought
      > as a sequencer... My music is not techo/electronic (please don't
      > this the wrong way... I like the electronic stuff... is jut that my
      > music is really slow, loose & syncopated- dublike) and even so I
      > mad fun slowing down some patterns loading single bars of each of
      > rhythm tracks to my sampler & computer and tweaking the hell out of
      > them individually... then loading them to Live... and also playing
      > with them as synced loops in my SP-505.. Since the other two xx-7
      > somewhat closer to the rhythms I use, I was thinking that I could
      > really use their templates...
      > Any help will be greatly appreciated...
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