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  • Stephen Gazard
    If I may suggest something. your links in your events section are of the format text Having your links in this
    Message 1 of 14 , Apr 15, 2008
      If I may suggest something.  your links in your events section are of the format <a onclick="window.open(.....)" href="#">text></a>

      Having your links in this format is not friendly to search engines/xenu which parse text, and don't interpret the JavaScript.  So for that reason alone you would want to generate links where you include the
      href="http://some.link.here" so that the links can be spidered/parsed.  If you've been having problems with the pop-up window opening and the page from which the link was opened also going to that link, simply alter your onclick statement to:  onclick="window.open(.....);return false;"  <-- the return false makes all the difference stopping the browser from following the link, while only executing the code which opens a new window.  So now your pop-up windows work fine, and the site can be spidered.   Both of which are a benefit to you.

      Apologies if you receive this in HTML and prefer text; I was trying to be clearer, and have sent in both formats

      wernerapnj wrote:
      For anyone else reading this group....

      Tilman has informed me that xenu does not parse Java Script embedded
      links. That is the cause on my difficulties.

      Regards - Werner
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