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Javascript sort functions validated in Xenu

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  • geetar85
    Hi, I ve been using Xenu and it works great, but I ve noticed something interesting when it comes to Javascript functions. From what I ve researched you can
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2007

      I've been using Xenu and it works great, but I've noticed something
      interesting when it comes to Javascript functions. From what I've
      researched you can add "Javascript=[Jj]ava[Ss]cript: *[_a-zA-Z0-9]+
      *\( *['"]((/|ftp://|https?://)[^'"]+)['"]" this to the .ini file and
      Xenu will verify javascript functions that have a valid URL as a

      This worked great for me, but what I've noticed is that Xenu
      occasionally finds regular javascript functions to be broken.
      Specifically, it found a javascript:onSort() function to be broken. I
      don't see how this is possible in that the parameters passed in are
      simply text variables. However, I checked out the specific sort
      buttons it was checking, and they are in fact broken. They make a
      server round trip, but don't do any sorting.

      If this was all the information, I would just be happy with what I
      have seen and continue testing. The only thing is, Xenu still shows
      all of the other javascript sort functions as "skip type." At first I
      simply thought this meant that if they are actually broken they will
      show up as broken, but if they are valid, they will show up as skip
      type. However, this is not the case. I went through and verified all
      of the sort functions that came up as "skip type," and 2 of them acted
      the exact same way as the broken functions that Xenu detected.

      If anybody has any ideas on what is going on here, please let me know.

      If you would like to recreate what I'm referring to, check this URL.

      The page is

      Ensure that you are only checking 1 level down, or it will take
      forever, believe me. Also make sure to "check external links."

      You should find that the Duty Cycle and Peak Efficiency Sort functions
      come up as "not found", but the other onSorts are skipped. (The "LED
      (#)" sort, ASC & DESC, are the 2 that are broken but come up as skip

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