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Re: [xenu-usergroup] broken link: Reset

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  • Tilman Hausherr
    I scanned her whole site this WE with threads set to 1, later 2. That took many hours, but it worked without trouble. Theories about this: - Maybe if one
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 30, 2012
      I scanned her whole site this WE with threads set to 1, later 2. That
      took many hours, but it worked without trouble.

      Theories about this:
      - Maybe if one starts with "too many" threads, the client IP address is
      "penalized" for some time, so it doesn't help lowering threads after
      being "flagged" by the server firewall
      - A change on her client side (many people do have a firewall in their
      router; so do I, and initially it blocked Xenu from running)
      - sysadmins are too often underqualified, underpaid and understaffed.
      What you get then are people who just try to find a way to quickly close
      tickets, instead of taking some time to research a problem.


      Am 30.07.2012 10:44, schrieb Marisa Ciceran:
      > Chris,
      > Shiner wrote:
      >> On 29/07/2012 10:53, Marisa Ciceran wrote:
      >>> We changed our host server for our website http://www.istrianet.org
      >>> last month
      >> I've just noticed that you are with HostGator, and you should be able to
      >> set the number of threads to 25 and definitely not have any errors.
      > So far in my exchanges with their tech support, all they come up with is
      > instructing me to read their rules of usage, backups, violations and
      > restrictions, but avoiding straight answers as to why I experiencing the
      > problem with Xenu. We are with them only one month and haven't done
      > anything out of order (being a cultural-only site, there is no heavy
      > traffic of hits) on their server after the direct transfer of the site
      > via cPanel was made by them. All I've done in the past month is try to
      > run FTPSync, an old and primitive web synchronization program (I wish I
      > could find a newer and still simple alternative) to see if the files
      > were in synch with my PC backup and, over the last few days I also tried
      > to run Xenu to clear up any broken links - both of these being a
      > reasonable alternative, I thought, to their "SWAMP previewing system"
      > which is primitive and imprecise and therefore of absolutely no value in
      > verifying anything whatsoever of our 11+ Gb site contents.
      >> (Any higher than 25 and you may see connection errors).
      > Initially, I had it set for 30 and included the check for broken
      > external links, then I went down to 20, 10 and finally to 1 and
      > excluding external links. Each attempt gave the same results: Xenu
      > started off and appeared to be running, then the error I mentioned
      > quickly popped in and rendered the results useless. In my latest
      > attempts after my posting here, I got more outright "timeout" messages
      > along with the error code I previously mentioned.
      > Any other thoughts on why HostGator is being so troublesome right from
      > the start?
      > Marisa
      >> Chris
      > Thanks for your observations and suggestions. I will try again in a day
      > or two to see if perhaps I have been experiencing the month's end
      > traffic jams on HostGator server.
      > Marisa
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