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Re: [xenu-usergroup] Question about my Xenu results

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  • Shiner
    If you can t find your old .htaccess file, download and install the WP Super Cache plugin and that should create a new .htaccess for you. (Never tried that
    Message 1 of 18 , Oct 26, 2009
      If you can't find your old .htaccess file, download and install the WP Super Cache plugin and that "should" create a new .htaccess for you.  (Never tried that before, but I know it does create a new .htaccess file)


      KWhite wrote:

      Okay, did the following:


      Deleted all my redirects (didn’t work)

      Checked privacy settings, and they are set to be visible to everyone


      I don’t currently have an .htaccess file, so I am looking in history for the last one that worked to restore it.


      (So far, my .htaccess has been the source of most of my aggravation. )



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      That's how WordPress works when you use the Permalink structure option.
      What you say would be true if the URL's did not have the trailing slash, but you'll note that they all end with / which IRC indicates that it is not a directory, but a file.

      http://fauxflix. com/blog- make-a-slideshow /
      indicates a file
      where as
      http://fauxflix. com/blog- make-a-slideshow
      would indicate a directory

      So the file structure it is returning is correct, it is her .htaccess (via settings on her WordPress dashboard) which is causing the server to return not founds when in fact they do exist.



      tOM Trottier wrote:


      Your links all go to directories.

      Change them to go to the actual files rather than the default, e.g.,
      index.htm, index.html, index.php or whatever you are using.

      See http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Webserver_ directory_ index


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      > Subject: RE: [xenu-usergroup] Question about my Xenu results
      > Hello, I am wondering if someone can tell me why Xenu sees all of my main pages as
      > broken links? My links actually work, but Xenu reports them as broken, so I am
      > worried there is something wrong with the site structure. My site is fauxflix.com.
      > Thanks!

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    • KWhite
      DING! And the winner is.Chris! It WAS the .htaccess file. I thought I had deleted it, but it was still lurking in there somewhere. I went into GoDaddy s
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