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Xenu Login FORM with POST

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  • Tilman Hausherr
    After so many years, I ve come up with a somewhat practicable solution for HTML login within Xenu. Or rather, the competition did:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2009
      After so many years, I've come up with a somewhat practicable solution
      for HTML login within Xenu. Or rather, the competition did:

      Submitting a FORM was never a technical problem for me; I have tested
      this years ago already, but without any user interface. My mistake was
      to look for a general way to catch FORMs in HTML pages, instead of just
      using the login FORM url as a start.

      A test version of Xenu with login FORMs can be found here:

      The initial dialogbox has a new checkbox for POST and a POST query
      string. Note that the query string won't be stored in the INI file.

      Imagine you'd want to check the (imaginary) password protected website
      https://www.host.com Look at the HTML for the FORM:

      <FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="https://www.host.com/scripts/login.php">
      <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="User">
      <INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="Password">
      <INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="Submit" VALUE="Login">

      Thus, the start URL would be

      and if the username is "Xenu", and the password is "Secret", the POST
      query string would be


      (The POST query string gets tricky if there are spaces or special
      characters in the parameters. I'll think about this another time)

      Important 1:
      You must add https://www.host.com to the inclusion list. If you don't,
      only URLs beginning with https://www.host.com/scripts/ will be checked.

      Important 2:
      Don't let Xenu hit the logout link. To avoid this, add the logout URL to
      the exclusion list:

      I'm not yet sure if is important to have cookies enabled. If yes, don't
      let Xenu hit any URLs that delete or change something.

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