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982Web subfolder that is not scanned

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  • Marisa Ciceran
    Oct 15, 2008
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      You may have covered this topic already and I apologize to everyone if
      so. I've been using XENU for years and am very appreciative of what it does.

      Last year, I created a "redirection" of one of my domains to a subfolder
      of my main domain, thinking that this would not affect the XENU link
      program. I've just discovered that it does the following (I will use the
      real URLs)

      Main domain (#1): http://istrianet.org/
      Secondary domain (#2): http://istro-romanian.com/ - this is redirected
      to http://istrianet.org/istria/linguistics/istrorumeno/ (#3) which has a
      number of subfolders

      If I try to do a XENU scan of #1, I do not know if it checks the
      folders that are linked to either the existing or redirected path of # 2..

      If check on # 2, the XENU report tells me that only 7 files out of the
      71 in that folder have been scanned, and none of the subfolders are
      scanned at all.

      If check # 3, I get the same results as with # 1. I have also tried
      using the "treat as internal" feature with no difference in any results.
      However, If I do a XENU check of the individual subfolders of #3, then
      there XENU gives the correct results for each scan, but that does not
      solve the problem. domain scan.

      Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to correct this problem? I am
      not technically trained so cannot do any sort of scriipting on my own.


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