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  • Chris
    Mar 10, 2008
      --- In xenu-usergroup@yahoogroups.com, "frank visser" <f.visser3@...>
      > hi tilman,
      > i created a google sitemap of my site www.integralworld.net and noted:
      > 1. external urls are included in this sitemap as well, is this
      > correct? shouldn't it include only urls from the integralworld.net
      > domain?

      When creating sitemaps using Xenu, I'd say the best bet is to create a
      profile that only includes internal URL's. You don't want to be
      including external domains in your sitemap.

      > 2. urls containing an & should be escaped to & to create valid
      > xml. is this something that xenu can/should do as well or should we do
      > this manually?

      Probably something that Xenu *should* do, but then you'll have to ask
      Tilman nicely for this ;)

      I've got a few 'feature requests' I'd like to ask for, but I'm waiting
      for a good day to ask for them. (But then I am a long time user of
      another free Sitemap creation tool whose name I won't repeat here.
      (In fact, in that support group, we often recommend Xenu as a tool to
      verify the site structure BEFORE creating a sitemap).
      I bet Tilman can guess which application it is too ;)

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