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81checking links in javascript

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  • frank visser
    Sep 23, 2004
      hi tilman,

      what would it take to let Xenu recognize and scan (some) links
      embedded in javascript?

      i have many links of this type:






      so basically:


      with some URLs having ?parameters and some having popup size
      parameters. i include the first, but ignore the second.

      even then, these are the steps i have to take:

      - run xenu on the site
      - export the list of URLs to txt
      - import in Excel
      - sort by status
      - select skip type URLs
      - copy to txt
      - run regular expression*
      - fine tune list of URLs
      - run xenu on this list
      - identify broken links
      - locate the source pages of these broken links in the 1st report

      *i use a regular expression now to catch the URL out of this code:
      javascript:*\('(f|h|/)*'* (using Funduc's Search and Replace)

      Xenu now "skips" these javascript links, but apparently is able to
      locate them and give them a "skip type" status in the report.

      What is needed to let Xenu run this regex and check the URL directly?

      i know there are more types of javascript links, i.e. when they are
      present in functions etc. but thats a different story i think.

      when they are coded directly in a href link, it should be possible to
      extract them relatively easily.

      would save me a lot of time! it would also preserve the connection
      with the source page, which is now lost since i am running these
      links in a second report, while the page they originally lived on are
      in the first report.

      let me know what you think.

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