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740Re: [xenu-usergroup] Filter URLs

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  • Tilman Hausherr
    Oct 10, 2007
      You don't need the wildcard version if you just want to exclude
      something that starts with


      The wildcard version does not support "\" or regular expressions. The
      best would be to enter


      in the exclusion list.


      On Wed, 10 Oct 2007 18:49:37 -0000, markus_liebelt_82 wrote:

      >Hello all together,
      >I have read the posts to the topic filtering, but have not found what
      >I expected. So I want to reach the following:
      >1. We have a lot of small web sites, that all start with https://
      >my.own.site/, the web sites themselves are then https://my.own.site/
      >first https://my.own.site/second ...
      >2. There are special actions that I want to filter all the time. All
      >of them have a '?' in the URL for the parameters.
      >3. I only want to check the consistency of one of the web sites, not
      >of all.
      >So the filter should do:
      >Include: https://my.own.site/first
      >Exclude: https://my.own.site/%5b-first]
      >Exclude: https://my.own.site/*\?*
      >I have downloaded xenuwild2.zip which allows to specify not only the
      >beginning, but the whole URL with wild cards.
      >Is there a way to reach what I want to do with Xenu? It is a fabulous
      >tool, but without this feature, it would be too dangerous to use it
      >Bye and thank's for a fine tool
      >Yahoo! Groups Links
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