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706Re: Backslashes in URLs not detected in Xenu

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  • sgakagiz
    May 21, 2007
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      --- In xenu-usergroup@yahoogroups.com, "xamaxdc"
      <MichaelCharbonneau@...> wrote:
      > is there someway for Xenu to detect a backslash in a URL
      > and mark it as a (possible) broken link ?
      Don't know; Tilman needs to answer that one

      > we discovered on our site a number of links that
      > had backslashes in them http://example.com\xyz\pdq.etc
      yep. Those are wrongly formed

      > these links work fine in IE, but do not work in other browsers
      > (firefox).
      > Xenu passes over them and is happy.

      I believe Xenu uses IE's rendering agent, since it can be reliably
      found on a windows installation. This means that Xenu will function
      like IE will. If Tilman could add the option to use the Gecko
      (Firefox, Netscape, etc.) agent, then we'd have better support for
      standards. If he could *embed* it, it would be even better, but I'm
      betting that's a much harder prospect than simply changing a few lines
      of code.

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