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498Local Directories above 'Xenu Starting Point'

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  • meteffy
    Mar 2, 2006
      I am having trouble dealing with directories which are on the `real' website but not on my local disk. Also, these directories all seem to be above the directory I specify as Xenu's starting point. However, links to FILES above the starting point are reported 'Status OK.' An example from the HTML code is:


      For this I get error code: 2 (file not found)

      I thought I could make Xenu happy by creating a directory called `nutrition' in the right spot in my local directory tree. But then I get error code: 5 (access denied)

      I thought maybe a dummy index.htm was needed in the local directory `nutrition' but, after creating it, I still get error code: 5 (access denied)

      For a while I was just asking Xenu NOT to check any URLs beginning with my local tree:


      but there ARE some local links I want to check – they are not yet on the `real' website and have ../ in their links.

      Can you help me avoid the error codes above?

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