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412Re: Can I change User Agent in Xenu

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  • habibknight
    Aug 10, 2005
      Hi Tillman:

      Thanks. We did what you said and basically set the cookie through
      IE. I'm trying to understand something. Does Xenu use the cookies
      from IE? So if I visit a website in IE that requires a login the
      first time and sets a persistent cookie with my encrypted login info
      thereby not requiring me to login on future visits.

      Now If I hit this site with Xenu with the cookie option enabled,
      does Xenu pickup my IE cookie and therefore will let me spider the


      --- In xenu-usergroup@yahoogroups.com, Tilman Hausherr <tilman@s...>
      > On Mon, 01 Aug 2005 23:53:07 -0000, habibknight wrote:
      > >Hello:
      > >
      > >I was wondering if someone can help me. I am trying to test our
      > >but to enter our site, the developer says this can be done through
      > >javascript which Xenu could not handle or he said through a user
      > >string. If the tool will let me manipulate the user agent string,
      > >there is a back door entry that the developer has created that can
      > >me in if I can manipulate the user agent so that way I can go in
      > >through the back door.
      > >
      > >Sorry for the vagueness. I am new to this.
      > Hi,
      > I don't offer a variable user agent, because of the abuse
      > If the developer has a "back door", then why can't he change the
      > so that it handles Xenu like any other browser?
      > One (possible) alternative is to login through IE, then continue
      > Xenu. However you need to activate cookies. This - including the
      risks -
      > is explained in the FAQ.
      > Tilman
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