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267[xenu-usergroup] Re: Problems with Password Protected URLs

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  • Catherine Mahe
    Apr 1, 2005
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      Can Xenu check urls ending with PDF?

      Also, can you use the browse button to check word and other files
      containing urls?

      Cathy Mahe

      >>> f.visser3@... 03/15/05 03:14AM >>>

      hi cathy,

      scanning your site with version 1.2g i found no special issues with
      secure links (btw, 307 should mean something like "temporary
      redirect", see:

      here's the report:

      ok 9131 URLs 97.72%
      skip type 81 URLs 0.87%
      not found 73 URLs 0.78%
      no such host 39 URLs 0.42%
      timeout 10 URLs 0.11%
      server error 2 URLs 0.02%
      forbidden request 5 URLs 0.05%
      ambiguous 1 URLs 0.01%
      auth required 1 URLs 0.01%
      busy 1 URLs 0.01%
      Total 9344 URLs 100.00%

      i will mail you the 1.2g version separately.


      --- In xenu-usergroup@yahoogroups.com, "Catherine Mahe" <cmahe@a...>
      > I hope someone can help me. I just joined the user group and have
      > been approved yet. But I hope someone can answer this after I am
      > approved.
      > I have been using Xenu since 2001, when I worked for WORLDCOM.
      It has
      > always worked wonderfully. However, I just had it installed at my
      > job, American Society for Industrial Security. Our IT people have
      > all they could, but I keep getting an ERROR 307 message for all
      > requiring a member password and User ID. It works fine for the
      > pages.
      > The main url for our site is http://www.asisonline.org
      > If you run this, you will see the links with member-secure in them
      > red and say error 307. What should I do? IT has installed the
      > file to enable cookies, however we have version 1.2f, and it says
      > need 1.2g, not available on the download page.
      > Any help would be greatly appreciated. We plan to use this
      > for many departments and uses. It worked great at WORLDCOM.
      > Thanks so much
      > Cathy Mahe

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