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  • barrie@clock-museum.co.uk
    Aug 1, 2004
      On 1 Aug 2004 at 10:04, Tilman Hausherr wrote:

      > Try set a lower amount of threads, and retry with CTRL-R.
      > Tilman

      Tilman, Andi and Frank,

      Thank you for those quick and helpful replies.

      I have dropped the number of threads to 12 and that certainly reduces
      the number of sites reported as "no such Host" though I still get
      quite a few.

      I will try again at some unearthly hour when the net might be less
      busy, but anyway I can live with the problem!

      Frank, thanks for your detailed report. I don't know why one url did
      not work for you, it does for me <grin> In any case, thanks because
      in checking it I saw my logo was incorrect on that page!

      I think the bloke I was linked to must have dropped Metals galore or
      moved without telling me. I have deleted that link.

      Up to now I have not been checking my site regularly, only when I
      update my own site. Perhaps I should check more often. It is easier
      now that I have a faster connection.

      Thanks again,

      Barrie Smith (in sunny Kent UK)

      Visit my Virtual Clock Museum at http://www.clock-museum.co.uk/
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