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  • barrie@clock-museum.co.uk
    Aug 1, 2004

      I am sure that I am doing something incorrectly <grin>

      When I request a report from my actual web page many of my external
      links are reported faulty, with a "no such host" comment.

      What I find odd is that each of these links works quite happily if I
      double click the link in the error report itself, or in the web page

      I have a reasonably fast connection using DSL.

      Not all external links are reported faulty, perhaps about 50%

      The url of my links page is http://www.clock-museum.co.uk/links.htm

      Any help will be most gratefully received. I find Xenu invaluable and
      as I said above, I feel sure this problem is due to me being dim.

      Barrie Smith (in sunny Kent UK)

      Visit my Virtual Clock Museum at http://www.clock-museum.co.uk/
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