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1742Re: [xenu-usergroup] "empty URL" message doesn't give enough information

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  • Tilman Hausherr
    Mar 21, 2014
      Most of the time you just need to search for "".

      <img src=""
       alt="Start/Stop the slide show" id="slide_show1" border="0">
      If this doesn't find it, enter the URL itself in Xenu, and then look at what position it is.


      Am 21.03.2014 02:23, schrieb wsm@...:
      From the report:
      	empty URL
      	  \_____ error code: 404 (not found)
      	empty URL
      	  \_____ error code: 404 (not found)
      That's really not enough information to make finding the empty URL easy, at least for me.
      Bill Mosteller

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