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  • vacshop1
    Dec 19, 2012
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      Good Morning.
      I am experiencing some seious problems with my website www.vacuumcleanershop.com - mainly a drop in traffic which seems to coincide with the large number of files/pages the Googles' Webmaster Tools sees as "Not Selected" when it crawls my website. The website contains approximately 2500 pages, yet Google tells me there are close to 11,000 pages that are "not selected" in the index.
      Xenu did find some problems that were related to a social networking script I had installed. I removed that script and those problems went away. However, Xenu is also telling me that I have approximately 7300 orphan files. Again, this is from a site with only 2500 pages. Most of the so called Orphan Files are what look to be legitimate url's in the format: http://www.domainname/directory/URLname.htm so I don't see how they could be orphans.
      I got similar results using another program called InSpyder to check for orphan files and it ran for 3 hours until I finally gave up. Some of these files were also legitimate looking but many were malformed with six or more subdirectories before the html page.

      Thank you in advance for any help,
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