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1557end of url parameter for exclude list

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  • HAInc.
    May 7, 2012
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      I'm pretty sure I know the answer from searching around and my own testing, but is there any way to exclude a url based on a parameter that appears at the end of the url.

      I have run into a problem with WordPress powered websites using Jetpack's sharing feature. The plugin adds a ?share= to the end of every URL on the site followed by email, facebook, reddit, stumpleupon, etc.

      I'd like to do an exclude like: */?share= or http://www.siteurl.com/*/?share=

      Without this exclusion, WordPress sites are taking a horrendous amount of time to check and making very large reports. With all the redirects these links are creating, it's hard to find legit ones that need to be dealt with.

      Any solution? ideas? hope? new feature?
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