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1353Version 1.3.8 released

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  • Tilman Hausherr
    Sep 3, 2010
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      I have released Version 1.3.8, the best is CSS, slightly improved
      behaviour and design for mail URLs, and a few bugfixes.

      new features in this release of Xenu's Link Sleuth:

      Please save the previous version of XENU.ZIP "just in case" :-)

      Major improvements:
      19.6.2010: check css @import statements within <STYLE>...</STYLE>
      check url() elements within <STYLE>...</STYLE>
      check url() element within STYLE=
      (dedicated to The Gorgeous Princess Victoria of Sweden, whose
      wedding to Clark Kent contributed that there's really
      nothing on television besides herself and the soccer
      world cup :-) )
      20.6.2010: parse css files similar to <STYLE>...</STYLE>

      Minor improvements:
      1.7.2010: sort "broken page-local links" section in report
      3.7.2010: url property dialog now resizeable
      6.7.2010: mailto with empty rest => "mailto:", not "mailto:@".
      24.7.2010: mailto:name%40host.com => mailto:name@...
      25.7.2010: all mailto: URLs of a host with successful DNS lookup are set
      to "skip type"
      27.7.2010: dito also for previously failed mailto: URLs of that
      successful looked up host
      27.7.2010: light green color for "mail host ok", which replaces text
      "skip type" for mailto:
      7.8.2010: renamed "maximum level" to "maximum depth"
      14.8.2010: GraphViz only for "ok" links

      20.6.2010: changed link counting method, now in AddUrl
      4.7.2010: clean possible memory leaks when finishing; FreeLibrary() for
      7.7.2010: changed toolbars slightly, preparations for VS2010
      20.7.2010: for VS2010, expand application class with virtual INI
      functions because I hate the registry
      15.8.2010: "#" as error (not in public release)
      24.8.2010: DLL security: fully qualified path for LoadLibrary()

      Bug fixes:
      20.6.2010: Lower case in check for .gif, .png etc
      23.7.2010: corrected bug in change from 25.5.2010 "set recent URL list
      to 100 instead of 10"
      1.8.2010: correct bug about CCriticalSection usage for ServerMap and
      2.9.2010: fix for false alert in VS2010 buffer overflow check

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