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1341Re: [xenu-usergroup] Running out of windows handles

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  • Shiner
    Jul 6 11:31 PM
      On 07/07/2010 06:06, Tilman Hausherr wrote:

      A user contacted me that he's running out of handles when running Xenu,
      but also other link checking software. He has this phenomenon on Windows
      7 32bit, but not on Windows XP. (The handle count can be shown in the
      task manager with some configuration, or with sysinternals process
      explorer). I don't have it at all, although I haven't done more than a
      few thousand links.

      Process explorer shows that these handles are used for

      Any ideas ?


      Both of those are "usually" connected to the Windows Socket layer.
      (AFD is afd.sys and is the Ancillary Function Driver for WinSock)
      (WS2IFSL is ws2ifsl.sys and is the WinSock2 IFS Layer)

      I have heard of other problems whereby other 3rd party applications are not releasing handles/threads to those two device drivers. Perhaps when running Xenu, the connections are being opened by Xenu, but not being closed by the 3rd party app.(One such example was someone running the Compaq Version Agent which once they disabled, stopped the problems. But, in that case, adf.sys was causing a BSOD rather than running out of handles)

      Malware has also used those two files in the past, so it could point to those machines being compromised ??

      Hope this helps point you closer...



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