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1272Re: [xenu-usergroup] new beta with milliseconds

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  • Tilman Hausherr
    May 6, 2010
      Now it does save/export and restore the milliseconds value.


      On Sun, 18 Apr 2010 13:03:46 +0200, Tilman Hausherr wrote:

      >Although Xenu isn't a SEO tool, it is being "misused" as such. A guy
      >asked to get the duration in milliseconds, and google has recently
      >announced that loading time of websites would be taken into
      >A new beta version is here:
      >This is just a test so you see how it looks and give feedback. The
      >milliseconds value isn't saved in the .XEN file, nor in the export file.
      >(This will be done at a later time). If you need the milliseconds
      >feature, please test it and give feedback about wether this is usable,
      >or annoying.
      >Below are all the changes since the last regular version. If you like to
      >support me, please test it and give feedback.
      >Major improvements:
      >24.2.2010: Check the domains of mail addresses (DNS lookup for MX
      >Minor improvements:
      >7.12.2009: Include PARSETEST4 section in general release (convert
      >characters >80H to %XX, for "international" URLs)
      >19.12.2009: For "international" characters in local files: Use Unicode
      >for local directory search, URL launch in browser, read/check local
      >20.12.2009: But not for Windows 95/98/ME
      >22.12.2009: add ".class" for applets if needed, replace "." with "/".
      > example:
      >27.12.2009: updated to NSIS 2.46
      >10.1.2010: use version 6 list column sort arrows on XP and higher
      >14.1.2010: added Description column
      >15.1.2010: added warning when settings overwritten by profile
      >16.1.2010: attempt at decoding .jar files for APPLET ARCHIVE thanks to
      > http://www.codeguru.com/cpp/cpp/cpp_mfc/article.php/c4049/
      > However:
      > - only one .jar archive per applet
      > - no unicode in file names
      > - name of archive must end with .jar
      > - .jar file must be internal, or the class link will
      >remain broken
      > - .class "in Jar" property isn't saved in .XEN file
      >(which prevents standard access in favor of waiting for .jar lookup)
      >24.1.2010: added <video src=
      >27.1.2010: improved list control divider double click (title is the
      >26.2.2010: improved extra text in domain mail check
      >13.3.2010: Get page body only if not redirection or redirection but no
      >"Location:" in header
      > (should make PARSETEST3 fix superfluous)
      >16.3.2010: ...
      >30.3.2010: Abort box for ftp orphan search
      >2.4.2010: [Options] Accept="*/*" (default value)
      >14.4.2010: milliseconds in duration
      > (in progress; missing: export, save/load)
      >Bug fixes:
      >15.12.2009: PARSETEST4 section: replaced "> 80X" with ">= 80X"
      >20.12.2009: added version check for Unicode Clipboard and Sitemap for
      >Windows 95/98/ME (like 27.1.2009)
      >21.12.2009: corrected broken banner links
      >22.12.2009: tell "anchor occurs multiple times" only once per URL
      >4.1.2010: remove stuff after "?" in mailto: due to Microsoft error in
      >10.1.2010: fixed list column sort arrows wrongly displayed in unsorted
      >columns (on 7, but not on XP)
      >12.1.2010: fixed "//" bug in applet codebase in local url
      >15.1.2010: disabled and unchecked "Inactive" checkbox after loading new
      >18.1.2010: fixed title line of tab export
      >20.1.2010: Don't assume URLs to be UTF-8, use current charset instead
      > However: this solution isn't perfect, because the correct
      >charset of an URL would be the referring URL
      > But in most cases it will work, because URLs usually
      >have the same charset
      > Known bug: Root URL with exotic characters
      >20.1.2010: Corrected exotic URLs in sitemap
      >26.1.2010: Fixed % in file: URLs, only convert %XX
      >27.1.2010: "Conversion to lowercase" option uses codepage for conversion
      >31.1.2010: Fixed bug in report (max size + max size url), probably
      >introduced on 15.1.2010
      >15.3.2010: vNormalizeURL() with conversion to UTF8 prior to
      > store URLs in UTF8, unless already ANSI or ISO-8859-1 (1252)
      > vRemovePercents for display only
      >3.4.2010: prevent reentrant calls to vDoIdle();
      > set fileNotFound status if tmp URL content file deleted by
      >antivirus software
      >10.4.2010: replaced "> 80X" with ">= 80X" in vAnsi2EntityEscaped()
      >Yahoo! Groups Links
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