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124Re: checking links in javascript - finally works!

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  • frank visser
    Oct 8, 2004

      i think we are getting near the end of this javascript link saga.

      eugeny, i get perfect results with your simplified regex:

      javascript:[_a-z0-9]+ *\( *['"]([^'"]+)['"]

      this morning i noticed it still missed a lot of URLs, but that is
      because many use capitals: openJump, openSite, etc.

      so i added A-Z:

      javascript:[_a-zA-Z0-9]+ *\( *['"]([^'"]+)['"]

      and now it finds everything!

      - top domains
      - URLs with any extensions
      - URLs with ?parameters
      - relative URLs
      - URLs with parameters such as height, width, resize etc.

      brilliant! thanks for all the help eugeny & tilman!

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