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1200RE: [xenu-usergroup] Xenu's Link Sleuth 1.3.4

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  • Deno Tufares, Jr.
    Nov 5, 2009

      Thanks Tilman…




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      From: xenu-usergroup@yahoogroups.com [mailto:xenu-usergroup@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Tilman Hausherr
      Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2009 3:33 PM
      To: xenu-usergroup@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [xenu-usergroup] Xenu's Link Sleuth 1.3.4



      I've released version 1.3.4, mainly because of a bug in the installer
      within a feature (quiet install with /s) that I didn't even know about.

      There are also some minor cosmetic improvements, like the improved
      status line for smaller screens, and the correct timezone in the date of
      the URLs, and the display of empty URLs in the report.



      Minor improvements:
      30.5.2009: ignore "view-source: "
      1.6.2009: set SECURITY_FLAG_ IGNORE_REVOCATIO N after
      ERROR_INTERNET_ SEC_CERT_ REV_FAILED (works only the first time, sadly)
      1.6.2009: ErrorDlg for ERROR_INTERNET_ SEC_CERT_ REV_FAILED only if
      5.6.2009: set up minimum status line segment widths
      26.7.2009: Use local timezone when displaying date+time of website,
      instead of GMT
      29.8.2009: show time status every second
      9.10.2009: mention empty URLs in report to avoid confusion

      Bug fixes:
      20.10.2009: ignore MIME type and charset when result not HTTP_STATUS_ OK
      5.11.2009: fixed /S setup.exe bug in NSIS script

      1.6.2009: ErrorDlg (certificates etc) now from app window, not desktop
      9.10.2009: Test monocolor
      15.10.2009: merged AFX_INET_SERVICE_ HTTP and AFX_INET_SERVICE_ HTTPS in
      ThreadProcGET( )
      16.10.2009: tired of character in version number, now using digits
      31.10.2009: VS2010 fixes: PFNCALLBACK, OnTimer (UINT_PTR), LRESULT
      OnFindReplace, INT_PTR lHnd
      3.11.2009: CLinkInfo Archive version 11 (m_iThisURL -> m_dwThisURL)

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