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108checking links in javascript

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  • Eugeny.Sattler@RU.NESTLE.com
    Oct 4, 2004
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      > Eugeny,
      > quick question: can your regex handle root relative URLs too?
      > javascript:openJump('/folder/folder/file.htm');

      First, my regexp has this part :


      It means it will catch any string that starts either from

      So as long as this part is inside regex, the answer is "No".

      But you can remove this part from my regexp. If you do, the regexp will


      in your example.

      Feeding this to Xenu without adding top domain part to the URL makes no
      There must me a synergy of regexp and programming code for concatenation of
      root relative url and base URL. This can be implemented, but i am afraid in
      this case we will not be as free as we are now in putting arbitrary regexp
      into INI file. Am I right, Tilman?

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