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Jul 24, 2013

Re: Hot news

Did you send this note? ________________________________ From: David Buche To: dbuche ; order help
Hal Wolfe
Apr 1, 2013

Hot news

David Buche
Mar 13, 2013

HO-HO-SNOW! Local ski tomorrow?

Merry Christmas All! We are supposed to get 5-8" tonight/tomorrow - I'm thinking about going out locally for the first time in over a year :) Anyone
Carol Shepherd
Dec 25, 2012

Super-Cheap Ski the Dunes Wkd - Mar 4-6

Well, the one I went on was a total blast, so I'm helping to put together another super-cheap cabin and potluck xc ski weekend at Sleeping Bear. Total cost is
Carol Shepherd
Jan 30, 2011
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Small group going to Radrick tomorrow (Sat) 10 AM

You know the drill: new snow, 10am start. If the gates are locked the Plan B is Matthaei on Dixboro Road around the corner. Come meet a coupla new people!
Carol Shepherd
Jan 28, 2011

Radrick tomorrow 10AM

I'm doing "the usual" at Radrick tomorrow morning - new snow should be great. Ski from 10-12 and lunch at Sidetrack. Due to Radrick is now closing the gates
Carol Shepherd
Jan 14, 2011

meetup for xc skiing

Here is the link: http://www.meetup.com/Ann-Arbor-Nordic-Skiing-Snowshoeing-Group/ -- Carol Ruth Shepherd, Attorney Arborlaw PLC http://arborlaw.biz/blog/
Carol Shepherd
Jan 11, 2011

AWESOME snow - want to SKI this week/end?

Hey, let's do some SKIING! I'm going to Radrick tomorrow morning and Thursday morning at 8am before work (not really expecting anyone to join). Anyone
Carol Shepherd
Jan 11, 2011

SKI ALERT - tomorrow!

Thinking of going to Radrick tomorrow afternoon around 4 if there are 4+ inches of snow by then. Anyone else want to get in a pre-Xmas ski? -- Carol Ruth
Carol Shepherd
Dec 11, 2010


Snow is actually pretty good at Radrick this aft -- only slightly sticky. 1-2 ft and lots of established tracks....(and beautiful) -- Carol Shepherd, Attorney
Carol Shepherd
Feb 26, 2010

skiing this wkd

Hey peeps, I am going skiing both days -- but pretty darn early! Temps are supposed to be high mid-day so I am starting around 830am both days. It's supposed
Carol Shepherd
Feb 26, 2010

Re: [Fwd: RE: SNOW! Weekend skiing]

OK -- here's the plan for Sunday the 14th: 10am at Radrick in the parking lot. Looks like we have 4 or 5. (I do note that this is V Day in case anyone has
Carol Shepherd
Feb 12, 2010

Re: [Fwd: RE: SNOW! Weekend skiing]

I can make it ________________________________ From: Carol Shepherd To: xc-ethnicTHU@yahoogroups.com; Neil Ainsworth
David Buche
Feb 11, 2010

[Fwd: RE: SNOW! Weekend skiing]

So far I've heard from Michael Barrs, who has a preference for Sunday. Radrick on Sunday at 10am, is that doable? Anyone else in? I would also like to to
Carol Shepherd
Feb 11, 2010
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