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Re: Anyone using a MiCasaVerde Vera ? Sounds great, mine (rather shamefully) only does 1.2 and wraps the UID at 99 tut tut! I will see if I can run both, since mine’s only broadcast and the
    Martyn Wendon
    Jan 22
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    Re: Anyone using a MiCasaVerde Vera ? ... Mine generates unique UID's and source names based on the MAC address, device ID, room name and device name. You could alter this in code however. I know
    Kevin Hawkins
    Jan 22
    Re: Anyone using a MiCasaVerde Vera ? Sounds like a plan! Vera 2 is essentially the same as Vera Lite and 3, just an older version, slower processor with less flash and ram. I’m pushing my 2 to
      Martyn Wendon
      Jan 22
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      Re: Anyone using a MiCasaVerde Vera ? ... My memory gets worse ! I see that I have already coded this and it seems to be working ! I just tried it on a Z-Wave Fibraro dimmer and it reports and is
      Kevin Hawkins
      Jan 22
      Re: Anyone using a MiCasaVerde Vera ? ... Ooops .. it's all lies !! I was thinking just after I posted that about how xAP discovery could have worked using iServer (as it filters devices) and so I
      Kevin Hawkins
      Jan 22
      Re: Anyone using a MiCasaVerde Vera ? I originally wrote the plugin using a UDP listener and then I migrated to using iServer running on my LiveBox Home Automation Hub. I didn't experience issues
      Kevin Hawkins
      Jan 22
      Re: Anyone using a MiCasaVerde Vera ? Hi Kevin, Definitely interested in xAP – I actually wrote a really simple plugin myself a while back (few years maybe?), but it’s broadcast only, so just
        Martyn Wendon
        Jan 22
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        Re: Anyone using a MiCasaVerde Vera ? I'm just playing around with a xAP plugin for Vera... and was wondering if anyone else had an interest in this. It's basic at the moment handling BSC binary
        Kevin Hawkins
        Jan 22
        Re: Anyone using a MiCasaVerde Vera ? Yes, I am :-) Anything I can help with? Martyn ... From: Kevin Hawkins Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 12:31 PM To: xap_automation@yahoogroups.com Subject:
        Martyn Wendon
        Jan 21
        Anyone using a MiCasaVerde Vera ? Just wondering if anyone here is also using a Vera home controller ? Kevin
        Kevin Hawkins
        Jan 21
        Re: OpenRemote Have you looked at openHAB recently (https://github.com/openhab/openhab/wiki)? I too had Misterhouse for a short while, seriously considered opnode (just as it
        Jan 1
        Re: OpenRemote Hi Neil, Last time I looked at Open Remote there was neither xAP nor xPL support, the xPL mention was more of a placeholder / intent than anything practical
        Kevin Hawkins
        Jan 1
        OpenRemote Season's Greetings to all, I'm trialling OpenRemote as a new base for my Home Automation. (Moving away from MrHouse). Unfortunately, it does not support xAP,
        Neil Wrightson
        Jan 1
        Re: xfx express hub and VPN Not quite understanding the problem/question. Maybe you could reply with the output “ipconfig /all” with your VPN up. And what VPN software is it? Are you
        Edward Pearson
        Nov 1, 2013
        Re: xfx express hub and VPN No experience with a VPN on same PC as xAP applications here so not sure... but there is an XML configuration file in the xFX directory and within that I think
        Kevin Hawkins
        Oct 22, 2013
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        xfx express hub and VPN ok I am trying to figure out how to get xfx to peacefully coexist with my VPN connection it keeps trying to bind to the vpn connection instead of the physical
        Oct 17, 2013
        HomeSeer 3 xAP plugin As many of you I'm sure know HomeSeer 3 is now available for trial/purchase , albeit as a beta release. It all looks very promising but one significant issue
        Kevin Hawkins
        Jul 25, 2013
        xAP on Andriod Brett, the software guy behind the HAH project, has been dabbling with a stack that eases xAP integration on Android platforms. If you are looking to mix
        Apr 14, 2013
        Re: xAP forum on Automated Home Thanks Regards, Neil Wrightson.Kevin Hawkins wrote:For those preferring a forum rather than the Yahoo group format then just a
        Feb 2, 2013
        xAP forum on Automated Home For those preferring a forum rather than the Yahoo group format then just a reminder we have one on the Automated Home website. There are a lot of xAP forums
        Kevin Hawkins
        Feb 2, 2013
        xAP-X10 schema error and improvements Hi group, I recently worked on a xAP X10 connector according to the xAP-X10 scheme published in the website (xapautomation.org), and I found a minor bug in the
        Dec 22, 2012
        xAPTel and xAPSwitcboard Hi Have installed xAPTel and xAPswitchboard have Pegasus unit installed. Incoming call everything works fine calls are logged, manually dialled outgoing calls
        Dec 18, 2012
        Re: xAP Framework v2.1 Good questions. I've not looked at that bit of the code for ages. Let me refresh my memory. From: xap_automation@yahoogroups.com
        Edward Pearson
        Oct 17, 2012
        xAP Framework v2.1 Is there a way via config to set the default header version to 1.3? I've managed to enable the extended UID FF.DDDDDDDD:SSSS via the config, but the version
        Graham Kiff
        Oct 14, 2012
        xAP Blue questions - iPhone, BT settings & windows service Hello xAP team, 1) iPhone & Bluetooth I tried to use xAP Blue to check who is currently @home. But somehow the iPhone is only visible when I am checking the
        Sep 17, 2012
        Re: xAP for Squeezebox Server Interesting - not seen the problem but will investigate and incorporate this change into a revised release. Ta Edward ... change in ... $brightness, ... or
        Edward Pearson
        Jul 3, 2012
        Re: xAP for Squeezebox Server (Solved) Thanks! That did the trick. Br, Oystein
        Jul 3, 2012
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        Re: xAP for Squeezebox Server I *think* I had the same issue a while back and tracked it down to a change in the showBriefly function in the SB server internals. I may be wrong, but you
        Martyn Wendon
        Jul 3, 2012
        xAP for Squeezebox Server Hi, I have a problem sending text to my Squeezebox devices via the xAP plugin. Other commands such as "pause playback" works fine. Also BSC messages from
        Jul 3, 2012
        Re: xAP and database programming Given you've already tried with Excel and Access, I'd think that MS SQL Express would be an ideal choice given you're working in VB.
        Edward Pearson
        Jun 29, 2012
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