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    Anzir, Have you not heard of a sack truck? Typically designed to carry 1 cwt bags of whatever took your fancy (1 cwt = 0.05 Ton or roughly 50Kg). The
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      Have you not heard of a sack truck?  Typically designed to carry 1 cwt bags of whatever took your fancy (1 cwt = 0.05 Ton or roughly 50Kg).  The wanderings of shopping trolleys are in my opinion more a pragmatic solution to the need for a simple wheeled personal freight transport system than antisocial activities of those up to no good, the phenomenum has developed with the decline in availablility and use of the traditional shopping basket on wheels, well summed up by Flanders & Swann in their 7 Ages of Woman parody on Shakespeare.  "  ... a credit to the makers, you can wheel it to the bakers to the butchers and then back to Shepherd's Bush..... the children love to ride it when it's got the coal inside it or the washing, it has every kind of use....."

      I have in my time shifted many items with a karrimor K2 and webbing straps, taking care to ensure the load is correctly distributed.  This has included 4 settees (all but the 6 ft one being taken on the bike) a range of mattresses (including 2 new single mattresses stiffened with skis to keep them from waving around).  30Kg is typically an infantry pack (plus weapon) which a soldier is expected to be able to operate with on the battlefield.

      I'll get details of Andrea Casalotti's work with ZERO and his pioneering PUDO concept applied for a car-free day in Covent Garden, when all deliveries and despatched items were transferred from/to motor vehicles at a transfer location, and included a fridge and a large consignment of shoes.

      In York the Cyclus Maximus One Less Car trikes were delivering beer from the local brewery, offering rapid response to demand, whilst not shaking the barrels up and requiring the stuff to settle on arrival.  how much does a (full) barrel of beer weigh?

      In Limburg (IIRC) the provision of cargo bikes for a trial to a printer, enabled finished goods to be delivered to most customers with minimal double handling.  The Brox HPV's could be loaded directly alongside the machines, wheeled through double doors into the street, ridded to the delivery address, and then wheeled directly into the customers premises to be unloaded at the storage point.  Try that with a small van!

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