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Re: [xTransit] Fwd: shared taxis

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  • Anzir Boodoo
    Simon, On 31 Dec 2005, at 15:58, Simon@me.freeserve.com, ... Ensure, where possible, the shared taxi system is operated as part of the public transport network
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 2, 2006
      On 31 Dec 2005, at 15:58, Simon@...,
      NOrton@... wrote:

      > --- In NewMobilityCafe@yahoogroups.com, Simon Norton
      > <S.Norton@d...> wrote:
      > Shared taxis are part of the solution if they replace cars, part of
      > the problem
      > if they replace walking/cycling or public transport. How do we
      > ensure that they do the former ?

      Ensure, where possible, the shared taxi system is operated as part of
      the public transport network (eg accepting travelcards / season
      tickets / fare concessions).

      Some "taxibus" services are shown on public transport maps, but these
      are usually "non shared" taxis which are heavily subsidised, or DRT
      (Demand Responsive Transit) which is sometimes subsidised to insane
      levels. The South Yorkshire Rural Transport Map, for example, shows
      "taxibus" operating areas - users are expected to transfer to a bus
      or train to reach main towns such as Doncaster or Sheffield.

      Integration has to be the key - we cannot have shared taxis being
      thought of as a new competitive transport system, rather as plugging
      a gap where buses cannot go, or go so infrequently as to be
      irrelevant to most people (honestly... how useful is an hourly local
      bus service to anyone when we all have so many places to go and so
      many things to do?).

      As for "smaller vehicles"... could we go "shared transport" in the
      evenings in towns and areas of towns that don't support evening
      services? What if we used the normal buses to provide such a service
      in the evenings rather than having a separate fleet of vehicles? (I'm
      not thinking double deckers here, more Midi and Solo buses). In a
      small to medium sized town, a bus could be got to you in 10-15
      minutes when "ordering" one.

      In fact (and you can probably tell I'm thinking aloud here), wouldn't
      the "shared taxi" line of thinking be more suitable for towns and
      small cities in the first instance? Suburbs of larger cities could
      follow later, and I am unsure as to whether this will ever be right
      for major city centres, unless we get rid of taxis...

      Anzir Boodoo MRes MILT Aff. IRO
      transcience, Leeds Innovation Centre, 103 Clarendon Road, LEEDS LS2 9DF
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