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236Ridesharing Institute - USA - Comments invited

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  • Eric Britton
    Jan 21, 2011
      Dear Eric

      A number of us have been talking about the need for an organisation focused
      on research to encourage more ridesharing. Not an industry organisation for
      service providers, though we hope service providers will join. Not a
      lobbying organisation. Not a political organisation.

      Such an organisation would be relevant for both US based and international
      activities. Traffic congestion and drive-alone commuting are not problems
      of any one country.

      We started a wiki to discuss this. See

      We feel we need to get this started, and we've decided to hold the inaugural
      meeting on the Friday before the start of the TRB annual meeting, that's 21
      January 2011, from 3 pm, in Washington DC. We are still seeking a venue for
      this. Setting a date will focus us on getting the things done that need to
      be done for the meeting.

      We are tentatively calling it the Ridesharing Institute. Or possibly the
      International Ridesharing Institute. The purpose is outlined on the wiki.

      We are writing to let you know about it because we think you have an
      interest in ridesharing. We are sure to have missed many people out, so
      please feel free to forward this to others whom you think might be

      And please put the 21st of January in your diary. 3pm. We will arrange for
      conference calling facilities for those who are not in Washington DC.

      We will shortly send out more information, including a draft constitution.
      If you are interested in helping prepare these documents, please let us
      know. If you have a great idea for a venue, please let us know as well.

      Please email ridesharinginstitute@... if you would like to receive
      future updates. Or find the Ridesharing Institute Group on Facebook and
      join up (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_157158160997020) .

      Kind regards

      The Founding Supporters

      Ridesharing Institute