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225Posting your comments to World Streets - and to discussion fora

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  • Eric Britton
    May 20, 2010

      Dear Colleagues,


      Simon Norton has done well to bring this point to my attention in our never-ending struggle for efficient communications (see his note below).


      1.     To post a comment to World Streets on any given item, the procedure is straight-forward. Go to the article, click the COMMENTS link that appears at the end of the piece, and off you go. Please do sign your messages with your name, city, and country if you will.  

      2.     To post to any of the New Mobility discussion fora (see www.talking.newmobility.org  to see how they are organized by main topic, etc.) all you need is to pop in the respective address:


      a.     African Streets –                                                    - AfricanStreets@yahoogroups.com

      b.    China Streets –                                                       - China-Streets@yahoogroups.com

      c.     Gatnet: Gender/transport Forum  (www.gatnet.net)      gatnet@...

      d.    Global South/Sustran Forum                                     sustran-discuss@...  

      e.     Land Café/ Value Capture/Tax reform                        LandCafe@yahoogroups.com

      f.     Lots Less Cars in Cities (www.lotslesscars.org)         LotsLessCars@yahoogroups.com   

      g.    New Mobility Café (www.newmobility.org)                  NewMobilityCafe@yahoogroups.com  

      h.     Share/Transport (sharetransport@yahoogroups.com) – sharetransport@yahoogroups.com  

      i.      World Car Free Days (www.worldcarfreedays.com)     www.lotslesscars.org

      j.      World Carshare Consortium (www.worldcarshare.com)  WorldCarShare@yahoogroups.com

      k.     World City Bike (www.worldcitybike.org)                      WorldCityBike@yahoogroups.com  

      l.      World Streets Forum (www.WorldStreets.org)              -  WorldStreetsForum@yahoogroups.com   

      m.   World Transport (www.worldtransportjournal.org)         WorldTransport@yahoogroups.com

      n.     xTransit (Third way transport – to merge with Share/Transport) --  xTransit@yahoogroups.com



      If that looks like a lot, well it is – sustainable transport and sustainable cities is a puzzle of many disparate parts. Hard work, eh?


      What we would ask you to do, however is to make sure that when you address something to the group(s) you try to stay within the spirit of the forum's focus, and that out of respect to the others you do not address mails to the group which are better channeled toone person or some sub-group. 


      It's that simple, Simon.




      Eric Britton | WorldStreets.org | NewMobility.org  | Paris  | +331 7550 3788 | Skype: newmobility 




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      From: Simon Norton [mailto:S.Norton@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, 19 May, 2010 20:29
      To: eric.britton@...
      Subject: World Streets Forum


      Thanks for at last taking the step we need to avoid duplicate postings for World Streets items.


      But perhaps you can tell me and others what the recommended procedure is when we

      want to comment on a World Streets Forum item in such a way that both

      subscribers to the group and people who visit the website will see the comment.