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Re: Buyers Beware Steve, You must be thinking of some one else. I Never said I wanted a complete Bra set so I could I could copy them and sell them I happen to already own 2
don watson
4:06 PM
Re: Buyers Beware YES , BY ALL MEANS , Please post my EMAILS to you , AGAIN , OVER AND OVER I told you for the last six months what i had was a bra for an X90 and T top
Steve Beatty
3:30 PM
Re: Buyers Beware And just a P.S. on this subject. I happen to know Mr. Don Watson very well, and have for several years. I've also have had a number of transactions with him,
Tom Brown
6:50 AM
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Re: Buyers Beware This doesn't surprise me in the least. As a psychology major, I realized early on that Mr. Beatty was a very self-serving individual. One of the first
Tom Brown
6:43 AM
Buyers Beware Buyers Beware!!! I had a recent experience with Steve Beatty who offered a Bra off of an X 90 as well as a couple of T Top bags I just received the Bags which
Apr 18
Fw: News Hi! News: http://bcisguvenligi.com/lmi/magazine.php wvradicalman@...
Apr 15
Re: Rusty Rocker Panels I was told that the inside of the Geo Tracker rocker is the same as the X -90, just an extra roll on the outside. I never had the two side by side to compare.
Richard Knouse
Apr 9
Fw: News Hi! News: http://yaratilisatlasiyorumlar.com/loc/newspage.php.php wvradicalman@...
Apr 9
Re: Rusty Rocker Panels Just take the whole body off and replace it with a Volkswagen Beetle body , just think about it? Way COOL ! ... From: harry_baldspot
Steve Beatty
Apr 9
Rusty Rocker Panels Has anyone delt with the rusty rocker panels. The only option I've found is replacing the entire quarter panel. With most vehicles you can buy just the
Apr 9
Re: Hello Looks like mine was supposed to. I've got some dents and scratches. I think they're one of the cars that you either like or dislike. But boy do they ever go in
Apr 6
Re: Hello What a nice thing to do -- passing down the passion and fun for this car. I am very careful with my '96 5 speed. I know it can't be replaced! Here's my baby
Apr 6
Hello Hi. Just want to say hello and thanks for having me. Located in central Pa. My red 97 automatic is now owned by my daughter, but I still get to maintain and
Richard Knouse
Apr 6
Re: Custom side skirts for sale. would you send photos rlee.lockhart@...
Mar 24
Re: Looking to buy an X90 I would rather put my foot in the throttle and steer into the turn , its MO-FUN ! ... From: ian.linden To: x90sontheweb
Steve Beatty
Mar 22
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Custom side skirts for sale. Customer side skirts made by Auto Design Specialties. They are made from fiberglass, new, and unfinished. They can be seen in the photos section of the group
Mar 22
Re: Looking to buy an X90 I have had my X-90 for over 6 years and have only had to replace two parts, both easy jobs. The windscreen washer pump and the brake pedal switch. So
Mar 22
Re: Looking to buy an X90 Sent from my iPhone
Mar 20
Re: Looking to buy an X90 Don't buy piece of junk Sent from my iPhone
Mar 20
Looking to buy an X90 Hello :) I live in Maryland and am searching for an X90 relatively within driving distance. If anyone is selling their's or knows of one for sale in Marlyand,
Mar 20
Re: X 90 A/C --------------Etc Hi,  I just bought the front and rear bumper reinforcements from this yard.  You may want to give them a call the just got this x90 in. On Tuesday, March 18,
Fred Enders
Mar 19
X 90 A/C --------------Etc I want to put A/C into one of my X 90's and when I find an X 90 in a wreckers I need a List of ALL the things that I need. Can some one who has done this
Mar 18
Fwd: I and you can more ) http://www.khoso1.com/-redirect?wugynerux173
Steve Beatty
Mar 10
Fw: I love this;) http://vvecoldenhove.nl/-redirect?jkigixjge777
Steve Beatty
Mar 10
Engine stalling Well. Engine was dying on me a lot. It would alwaYs start back up. Then while going down the road it blew a spark plug out. Put new spark plug in & now
Jan 30
Re: X90 Hi Steve, If southern (Salem) NH isn't too far for you to drive to get those parts then let me know. arouanne@... Best Regards Mike
Micheal Espinola
Jan 20
Re: X90 Try ebay motors I have seen body parts there before good luck Sent from my iPad
Jan 20
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Re: X90 there is one for sale on craigslist long island he says he has extra parts Judd From: Fred Enders Sent: Monday, January 20, 2014 2:21 PM To:
Judd Nogrady
Jan 20
X90 Hi all,  I just picked up a 1996 x90 and could use a few parts.  I am looking for a right headlight assy, right front fender, front bumper or aftermarket
Fred Enders
Jan 20
X90 for sale New York 1996 x 90 for sale 4by4 automatic no rust runs great but seems to need a head gasket as it is using antifreeze. 139000 miles asking 2100$ or best offer. Comes
Dec 29, 2013
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